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A Youthful Murderer

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Kichard Smith, a 10-year-old boy of Bartlett, Tenn., niurdered a baby that was left In his charge. The boy is an orphan, and had been living with the parents of the nfant. Th falher gave hima severe llogging on account of some misccndu.t, and the youngster resolved to be revenged. Being left alone with the infant lie tot k a dmiblc-barreled shot gun tbftt was left iii the house, and deliberately fired at hls helplesss charge, blowlng its brains out. He was arrested and lodged in the county jail. He saya he Intended to kill the chlld at some time or other, but not Just then.( Mrs. Langtry has had her liair ent , ■hort, and her friends say she has lost one-half of her beauty in cousequence. Italian astronomers place the ago of the world at 80.000,00) yeais, and are agreed that it has been peopled for about 50,000,000. Georoe W. Cable will lccturo six times at Chautauqua and delivcr the anuual address at Vanderbilt univeisity, Nashville, this gummer. Mr. John Tyler, son of President Tyler, has for the nintli time been I grand worthy patriarch of the Sons of 'i'euiperance of the state of Virginia The dusky queen of the Cannibal islands made a sign in Boston which called for soms token of assent, and a lady present exclaimed: 'Si, señora." A second general f all of rain daring this month in the central, norllieru and northwestern sections of Texas has greatly improved the erop prospects there. The United States have 101,681 fishrmen and 6,605 fishing vessels, while Great Britain was repoited to have 120,000 tishermen on Jan. 1, 1837, with 9,637 vesscls. About 17,000 pounds of silk cocoons, averaging $1 per pound, have becu raised in Utah durir.g the last year. The industry is still in its infaiicy. Nate Salisbury, who j BulTalo Bill's partuor, proposes to introduce pop-corn in London this suminer. He lias ordered one hundred busliels of the unpopped vegetable íroni a Yew York dealer. Ir is wliispered that a watcli-factory girl asked a meniber of the Boston city couqoU who was accompanying the qiiBL'ii on au excursión how loa lie had bi'ea in this country, and whether hi home in the Sandwich isles resemblel Boston. Hexry Villard may be in want of money, as has been reported, but if he is it is the flist ti me on record that a man who pays $20.000 a year for a house in New York city, as Mr. Villard does, has been known to be in such a sad condtion. It is reported tliat the great exodus of eruigrants from Ireland and Scotland the past mouth is nothing compared to that which will take place after June; that at the present time nearly 2J.000 families, a total of 65,000 persons, havo purchased tickets for America. Hakriet Valentine Ckocker ha.i received from her father, the Paciüo coast nrllionaire, in consideration of "love and affection and the sura of $1," the magnificent mansion on F.ftyeighth street, which her respected pa' rent purchased from V. J. Hutchhuson for $250,000.


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