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I heard Monday that Mrs. Ehnis was on the war path, because saloon men sold her husband liquor, and that she proposed to haul several of them over the coals if they persisted longer in disregarding her request. In my walks about town I hear everywhere words of commendation for the management of the homoeopathio hospital. Patiënte and their friends always ünd it light, airy, olean and eozy as a home. Visitors are alwaya welcome and always go away with words of praise for this model institution. It is finally decided that the capsule faotory is to be moved to Kalamazoo, and I hear a general foelmg of disgust expressed by our oitizens that the booming organization made no effort to keep it here, but probably that "constitution' and the by-laws oí the association prevented anything being done. There is one thing the oouncil should go a little slow in, and that is in increasing the Qumber of eleotric lights. The city now has all that it can well afford to pay for. I have heard it remarked on more than one occasion, that there is not a place of this size anywhere that is better lighted, and why not let well enongh alono. I hear considerable complaint about a certain milk dealer watering his milk. It was not long before the oonsumer got on to his liltle scheme, and he has already lost several customers on account of his dishoneaty. Mind you these customers lived in two blocks, and how many more have quit and are taking of other dealers I have not yet been apprised. There is every indication that there will be a very large attendance of dmtinguished strangers in the city during commencement week. Any improvementa of the etreets contemplated by aldermen should be made before that time. All the streets in eaoh ward should be gbne over, and at least the weeds and burdocks cut down. The attention of the city authorities has more than once been called to the practico of men and boys walking and lying on the beautiful court yard lawn. This should not be tolerated, for the county has been to considerable expense in keeping it up, and the city to whom was delegated the power to see that it is not destroyed, should take sufficient interest to have it kept beautiful. That this city is to have a base ball club seems to be assured. It is said that money enough has been Bubscribed with which to purchase uniforma for the boys, and also to secure the attendance during college vacation of eeveral crack niiies from around the state. As there are a goodly number of oitizens who seem to be deeply interested in the national game, it is safe to sar that the Ann Arbor Browns will draw well. Our citizens should look af ter their front yards and private grounds. A little care in this matter will improve immensely the general appearance of the city. Hardlya public gathering takea place here, bat what some stranger is so pleased with Ann Arbor that he purchases property and moves his family to the city. If our citizens try they can make the semi-centennial of the university an occasion for booming the place. The terrible accident which resulted iu the dcnth of the only son of a prominent citizen last week, should be a warning to the many small boys who have been in the habit of late of jumping on to and from moving trains. The only wonder is that accidenta have not oftener occurred. Parents cannot be too oareful in keeping a watchful eye over their children, and under no circumstances should t bey be permitted to hang around the cara. I fínd considerable kicking about íncreasing the ealary of the mayor, and paying aldermen for their servicee. People argüe that no better men can be induced to become members of the council for a consideration than those who have in the past administered the affairs of the city. That it would only be throwing money away, and if taxpayere were given an opportunity to vote on the question it would be buried ont of sight. "How careless some párente are" was remarked in out hearing Sunday, as a number of little children, thinly ciad, passed the opera house on their way to Sabbath school. The day was raw and the little fellows looked pinched with the oold. Their very actions denoted their sufferings. And I wondered how mothers could be so oareless in clothing their children, whtn they would not think of venturing out on a chilly day uniese warmly drcssed. Just now there is a big raoket between the White and Singer sewing machine agenta, and war to the knife has been declared. It seems that O'Toole's men, who formerly worked for the Singer company in this city are now selling the White all around the Hiiiger machine, and it is charged that they resort to unfair means. I have investigated the matter and find that the agents for the White are doing a legitímate business, and do not misrepresent auything regarding their machines. Wbat a disappointment there will be among the 160 or more applicants for the position of mail carriers, when the four persons are named. Of course there are a goodly number if not all of the 160 names presented who would be perfectly willing to serve Uncle Sam, and tb e selection of the four required ia not a very pleasant task for postmaster Duffy. No matter how conscientouB he may be in the discharge of this duty, there will be some who will feel that the appointment should come to them. TI ïis time the knights of labor aeem to be tho patriotic fellows who propose to liolil a regular oíd fashioned Fourtli of July celebration, assisted by the various labor organizations in the city. Arrangements I understand are about perfected. As the Fourth this year comes on Monday it is thought a bigger crowd could be induced to come here on the precedins; Saturday, and that day haa been decided on. A committee is in correspondence with a number of speakers of state reputation to orate on the day in question. If it be truo, a I ara oreditably informed, ihat certain M. D.'s have induoed pationts who have come here to be treated to go to Detroit, tlms depriving the studente of witnessing these olinics, it is high time the matter was brought to the attention of the board of regenta. They have but one duty to perform and that is to thoroughly in vohtigate the truth or falsity of such reporte, and if found to be truo make an example of the guilty parties. There shouldbe no more "whitewashing" on the part of the regenta. Citizens must not think beoaiise a few men were intoxicated on the streets Sunday, that the saloons were open. I believe that the law was never more rigidly enforoed. Of course those who drink oannot be prevented from purchasing a vial the night before, and thoy have no one to blame bnt themselves if they are run in by the pólice, as was that tailor Sunday. It was thought by nomo at flret, it being his fourth or fifth offense, that he would land in the Detroit work house, but he beggod so piteously, and made bo many promise, that the justice ooncluded to overlook his idiosyncracy just once more, and with a fine of $1.50 and a little feooil ad vico he was permited to depart. Tuesday evening there waa a party of tour on Broadway hill, fifth ward, conBisting of two girls and their escorts. Their language was simply diegusting, which was interspersed witli loud laughing and shonting. They repeated disgustingly vulgar stories in voices that conld be plainly heard half a block away, muoh to the disgust of the residentswho were compelled to listen to their talk. They answered to the names of M and S , J and 8 , and from their conversation I carne to the conclusión that the girls worked at Home boarding house or hotel, and the fellows boarded at the same place. A repetition of like conduot will result in several arresta being made, saye an indignant citizen. From the opinión which I hear expressed on all sides, and by both schools of medicine, the regenta could not do a more popular thing than to notify Prof. Maolean that they will accept his resignation. It is scandalous that they should keep in their employ a man who is continuously and unblushingly criticising their management, and advocating a policy which will lead to the división and eventual destruction of one of the most important departments of the university. The university is about to celébrate its semi-centennial year, and during these flfty years, the university has experienced a marvelous growth and prosperity, especially the medical department. The university is greater than Maclean. The medical departmeot has never failed to have more clinical material than it oould use. Should Maclean resigo the supply will continue and the department will go on improving and growing as it has in the past, taster tban any medical school in the country looated in a large city.


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