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The Sun-randall Scheme

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The New York Sun is earnestly opposed to free trade, not because free trade isn't sound in principie, but because it imagines that the majority of American people are so thoroughly prejudiced in favor of proteo' Ion that it would be ruinous to any party to array itself againBt it. It saya "it is right to reduce the revonue and out off the surplus; but it is not necessary for that purpose to reduce the turifl or the democratie party." Henee it advocates the abolition of the internal revenue taxee. The Sun strangely misunderstands the sentiment of the great inajority of the American people if it thinka that they will endorse a policy which takes the : taxes off from whiskey and tobáceo and leaves them on clothing, sugar, iron, copper, coal and all the other thousand and one articles of prime necessity. The pariy that would be so foolhardy as to declare itself in favor of such a policy would be mighty short-lived. The people are unalterably opposed to tbe doctrine that free whisky and dear clothing furuish a just basis for national prosperity. Tke reverse of that doctrine is in more direct accord with their idea of a sound governmental policy. That rule ot taxation which places the least burden on those artiolea of necessity which are used most by the laboring and producing ma.sses, is considered the justest by them. The Sun's scheme is popular only with the nch tariff beneficiaries and the whisky manufacturers. Tbese two classes will be the only ones who will profit by the abolition of the internal revenue system. If the people want to see the tariff monopolista and the whisky power intrenched as they never have been before in this country, just let them vote to carry out the Sun-Randall tax reduction program. It is a fine tb'ug - for ita beneficiaries. -


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