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A Child Charmed By A Rattlesnake

A Child Charmed By A Rattlesnake image
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From the San Francisco Evening Post A lady writing írom Graniteville, Nevada county, relates an incident of a '' littlo child having been oharmed by ft rattlesnake, as follows: "I was working in my kitchen when I was startled by ft loud scream from my littlo boy, four years old. On asking the cause he said : Oh, mamma, a big snake!' Irushed to the door and, imagine my feelings when, almost paralyzed with horror, I could only gaze on the awful sight that met my eyes, Ten feet from me, and on the doorstep of the woodshed, stood my baby boy, twenty-two months old, gazing, as if fascinated, upon a large rattlesnake, which was coiled in front of him about two feet away, and was gently moving its head back and forth, ' looking at the child with eyes like ñame. My screams frightened it, and my daughter, twelve years of age, ran past me and caught her little brother out of the way, when the reptile glided swiftly away. The child appeared for a long time dazed and unatural."


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