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Gibson will tato the senior lita' phoographg. The luw library isclosed now evenings and faturdays. Ohamber concert at Hobart hall tomorrow evening. J. M. Stafford has donated 8100 to the [ymnaaium fund. The Phi Delta Phis' bave inew bob and they use it too. Do not torget Dr. Eccleeton at Hobart hall Jan. 26, 27. and 28. Rev. Mr. üalpin, of Hobart hall preached in Ypsilanti, Sunday. Rev. Dr. Vincent will not lecture in? uuiversity hall, Jan. 27th. Alpha Nu gives a ladies' program Batirday evening, January 28. The faculty room of the homeopathie colleire bas been refurnished. Dr. W . J. Herdman is uamed as a possible auccessor to the late Dr. Palmer. A meeting of Natural hiatory society in Alpha Nu hall next Mouday eveun?. The forge hops in the meohanical engineering department are now ready for use. The university probibitlon cluh lms iow over one handred and fifty memben. Prof. de Pont has postponed the play " ihe wystio Bell of Bouquerolles " tu Feb. 4th. Charles M. Moffett, senior law, wan married yesterday to Miss Grace Minnie, f Jacksun. Law librarían Vanee is delivering a course of lectures on "jarisdiotion " to the senior laws. The strontr wind of Friday broke several panes of glass in the sky-light of the medical building. Judge Brown, of Detroit, has been leeturiug on Admiralty practice to the law Btudents this week. Tlie fees paidby non-resident Btudents here are greater than at any other univereity in the U. S. The Alpha Delta and the Psi Upsüon fraternities bave eaoh donated $100 to the gymnasium fund. Anotber hop this eveninfr in Nickel's hall on State street, sriven by the different college (raternities. The university dramatic club will play "The Slystio Bell of Ronquerolles" Saturday evening Feb. 4. W. G. Hammond of St.Lonis, Mo.,will give the flret of a series of special lectures to the law studente Jan . 23. Armour Fletcher of Lake Linden, will not return to the uuiversity at present on account of theillnese of bis brother. Prof. P. R. B. dePont will read a paper rin Victor Hutro, man and pofit at the L'nltarian cliurch next Monday evening. Miss Alice Williams, lit , olass of '76, was elected treasurer of tbe collegiate alumnte of New York, at their annual meeting, Jan . 14. Prof. W. H. Dorranoe baa prepared the program for the annual meeting of the Michigan dental aesooiation to be held in Detroit in Maroh. The young people of the Presbyterian ohurch will give a social to-morrow evenin to the students' ohristian assooiation of the umversity. Bart J. Doran bas been appointed Pro. fcssor of Physical Culture at the Michigan Academy at Orchard Lake. He will give up liin rooms in the Walker block. He last week began teachiug a olass of students at Ann Arbor. - Detroit Free Press. The Rugby association have taken up the gymnasium project and are determined now to see what can be done towards the establishment of a gymon tlie campus . The boys need a gym and the state ought to pay for it, but it seems ulie will not, and dow they will see what they can do in the matter. We wish you success, boys.


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