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Invalids' Hotel And Surgical Institute

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No. 663 Main Street, lili 1 ALO, N. Y. IVot a Hospital, but a picasant Remedial Home, organized with A FULL STAFF OF EIGHTEEN PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS, And cvclusivcly devoted to the treatment of all Chronic Diseases. This Imposlng Establishment wu designed and erected to accommodate the large nuraber of invalida who vlslt BufTalo from tvery State and Territory, as well as trom raany foreign lands. that they may avail theuiselves of the professional services of the Statf of skille.d specinlists in medicine and surgery that eompose the Fftculty of this widely-celebrated institution. A FAIR AND BUSINESS-LIKE OFFER TO INVALIDS. We earnestly invito you to come, ee and examine for vourse!, our Institutions, appliances, advantages and success In curini chronic distases. Have a mind of your own. Do not listen to or heed the counsel of skeptical friends or jealous physicians, who know nothing of us, our system of treatment, or means of cure, yet who never lose an opportunity to misrepresent and endeavor to prejudice people against us. We are responsible to you for what we represent, and ft you come and vlslt us, and flnd that we have misrepresented, in any particular, our institutions, advantages or success, we will prompt! y refluid to you II expenae of your trip. We court honest, sincere investigution, havo no secreta, and are only too glad to show kil iuturesiud and caudid pcuple what we are doing ior suft'cring humauity. NOT ALWAYS NECESSARY TO SEE PATIENTS. By our original syítem of diagnosis, we can treat many chronio examining our patients. In reeognizing diseases without a diseases just as successfully without as with a personal conpersonal examination of the patiënt, we claim to posseet nu aultation. While we are alwayB glad to see our patients, and miraculous powers. We obtain our knowledge of the patienfi become acquainted with them, show them our iustitutions, and distase by the practical application, to the practico of medifamüiarie them with our system of treatment, yet we have not cine, of well-established. principies of modern science. And lt seen one person in flve hundred whom we have cured. The peris to the accuracy with which this system has endowed us tbat feet accuracy with which scientista are enabled to deduce the wc owe our almost world-wido reputation of skillfuily treatioe most minute particulars in their several departments, nppcars lingering or chronio alTections. This system of practice, and almost miraculous, if we view it in the light of the early ages. i_a_ tbe marvelous success which has been attained Take, for example, the eleetro-inajrnetic tclegraph, the greatcst I Miniri niinl through it, demónstrate the fact that disease invention of the age. Is it not a marvelous degree of accuracy I IIlInVtLUUol display certain benomena, which, being subwhich enables an operator to exaetly lócate a fracture lo u sutI Cnnnrnn I jected to sclentiflc aiialysis. furnish abundant marine cable nearly threo thousand miles long? Our venerable I OUUÜLOO. and umnistakable data, to guide tbe judgment "clerk of the weather" has becomo so thoroughly familiar with "- of tho skillful praetitioner arigbt in deteruiinin the most wayward elementa of nature that he can accuratcly the nature of diseased conditions. The most ampie resource predlct their movements. He can sit in Washington and foretetl for treating lingering or chronic diseases, and the greatèst skill, what the weather will bo in Florida or New York as wcll as if are thus placed within the easy reach of evcry invalid, howcver several hundrod miles did not intervene between him and the distant he or she may reside from the physicians making the treatplaces namcd. And so in all departments of modern science, ment of such afTections a specialty. Full particulars of our orlgi _ wlmt is required is the knowledgo of certain nal, scientiftc system of examining and treating pntients at a disn signs. From theso scientigts deduce accurate cr.ntance are contained in "The People' ('omiiion Senae uIGNS OF clusions regardless nf dlstance. So, also, in mediMedical Adviaer." By II. V. Pieree, M. I. KXK) pages and " cal science, diseases have certain unmistakable over 300 colored and other iflustratlons. Sent, post-paidT ior tl JO. niop 10c signs, or symptoms, and by reason of this fact, we Or write and describe your symptoms, inclosing ten cenU lo UIJLaOL. jiave been enabled to origínate and perfect a sysstamps, and a complete treatise, on your particular discase, wül mmmm tem of determining, with the greatest accuracy, be sent you, with our terms ior treatment and all particular. the natu of chrnnio. disensos, without seeinsr nn.l personally COMMON SENSE AS APPLIED TO MEDICINE. It is a wcll-known fact, and one that appeals to the judgment of every thinking person, that the physician who devoto hil whole time to the Btudy and investigation of a certain class of diseases, must become better qualifled to treat such diseases than he who attempta to treat every ill to which flesh is heir, without givjng special attention to any class of diseaae. Men, in all ages of the world, who have become famous, have devoted their livea to some special branch of science, art, er Uterature. By thorough organizatlon, and subdividing the practico of medicine and surgery in this lnstitution, every invalid is treated by a specialist- one who devotea hls undivided attention to the particular class of discases to which the 'case belongs. Tbe advantage of this arrangement must be obvious. Medical science offers a vast Held for investigation, and no physician can. within the brief limita of a life-time, achieve the bighest degree of success in the treatment of every malady incident tó hiunanlty. tT&TTTï UlTT'lT-1f #17 CTTfffCC llUn Je JLJejiJuiJJ JH 2 %J l#%j.KSL)a "ï1 The treatment of DUeases of the pamphlets on nervous diseases, any one of which will be ent for ■1911 TilQDlT Air Paaaaarea and r.uuus, 6uch as u" centsin postage stamps,when request for them is accompanied naoAL, nnUAl chrouic Nasal Catar rh, l.arynwith a statement of a case for eonsultation, so that we may know IHn 'ti Brouchiti, Asihma, and which one of our Treatiscs to send. flllU ■ Cousumptiou, both through correr - ■ - % We have a special Department, thoroughly I IIIIR niCClCe spondtiice and at our institutious, constirilpcioro nr rean2fl, and devoted excluxtvely tothe treatLUnil Ulitflita. tutes au important specialty. UISEASES OF ma ot Diseases of Wonien. Every OM con- - - -J We publish three separate books on Nasal, ,„ eulting our speciahsts, whether by letter or in Throat and Lung Diseases, which give much valuable inforuiation, W (IMF N person, is given the most carelul and considerviz; (1) A Treatise on Consumption, Laryngitis and Uronchitis; ""■"■ ató attention. Important cases (and we get few price, postpaid, ten cents. (2) A Treatise on Asthma, or Phthisic, T which have not ah-eady baflied the skill of all Jivluff new and sucecssful treatment; price, post-paid, ten cent. the w'nK physicians) has the benefit of a full Council, of skilled (3) ATreatise on Chronic Nasal Catan-h ; price, postpaid, two ceuts. epccialists. Kooms ior ladies in the Invalida Hotel are very prt1 vate. Send ten cents in stamps for our large Complete Treatis „ DynpepHia, " Liver Complaint," Obon Diseases ot Women, illustrated with nuinerous wood-cuu and illFAFR OF afilíate Coiistipatiou, Chrouic JUiurcolured platos (lbO pages). uiüLuuuj ui rhea. Tape-worm, and kindred affect ions i . „____. __ .. __.„_,,__ flmrOTinU are araoog those chronic diseases in the suoDininu Piinr HEKNIA iBreach), or RIFTtlBE, no UlbLO I IUH. cessf ui treatment of which specialists have nAUlüAL lUHE matter f faow long standing, or of what siza, - ■- - J attaiuoti great success. Many of the diseaos ' „ 'is promptly and pernianciitly cured by affecting the liver and other organs contributing in thoir funcfJC RlJPTURF olT specialists, without the kuife and tions to the process of difrestion, are very obscure, and are not u' without depeudeuee upon true. infrequently mistaken by both laymen and physicians fir other ■""" Abundant reïerences. Send ten cent ior malauies, and treatment is employcd directed to the removal of a Illustrated Treatise. disease which does not exist. Our Complete Treatise on Diseases piles, FINTCUE, and other diseases affecting the lowar of the Digestive Organs wil! be sent to any address on receipt of bowels, are treated with wonderful success. The worst cases of ten cents in postage stamps. pile tumors are permanently cured in uiteen to twenty daya. f-;- - BRIGIIT'S DISEASE, DIABETES, and Send ten conto for Illustrated Treatise. KlDHEY I ki,dl0d maladies, have been very largely treated, I _.,-.„ I Ontanic weakness, nervous debility, prematm niURLI land cures ellectedinthousands of cases i which had I DELICATE I decline of the manly powers, involuntary vital lUlatBdto. I reat ily diagnostieated, or determinod. by cheimcal I niorinro lof will-pówer, melancholy, weak back, and VlnI . ' analysisof tho urine, without a personal amina Ulobflábá. dred nffectious, are speedily, thoroughly and pei üon of patients, who eau, thereforc, general ly be UbhbJ „nrntV cured uccessfully troated at their homes. The rtudv aud To those acquainted with our institutions, it is hardly neceasary practice of chomical analysis ami microscupical examination of to tnat invalids' Hotel and Surgical lnstitute, with tb the urine in our consideration of cases, with referenue to correct i.ranch establishment loonted at No 3 New Oxford Streot IondorL diagnosis, in wliich our institution long ago bccamo famous, bas Enïïana bavé ioï nïan vvrars enlovebe aistinctton of beSS natumlbk.dtoavcryextensivepractice.indiseasesoftl.eurinary tUJ?!SMláÍMttSaSi prgarjs. Probably no otlier institution in the world has bcxni so the Wül.,d f(fr treatment and cure of those affections which largely pntronized by suffers from this class of makidies as the old gp lrom vouthful indiserctionsand Dernicious solitarv nrartio an5 worW-famed vorlA DUpc.sary and ïnyalid.' Hotel Our " Sy ar31 ago.'esteWishS ".ïptóïï ï&5SrD?fS1S peciahsU havo acqujred, through a vast and ynned experience, treatmeiit of these Siseases, unoer the management of some of great expertness m determining the exact .nature of each case, tho most siíinx, plivsicians and surgeons on our Staff, in order and. henee, have been successful in nxcely adapting their remedies that ali who to'us might receive all the advantageè of afull for the cure of each individual case. Couucil of the most expenenced specialista. fT" 1 Theso delicate diseases should becarefully treated ITÏTl We offpr no mlorrv for ipinUnir m mi.k Caotiom. b.stra'can We Offer sSgïïSSSsü1? 1 ' and stago of advancement which the dtooaae hus , yft lnn,nv wretcheS to erit the svmiwth? and b!SS made (which can only be ascerWmed by a careful cho.uual and ! HO flPDlOGY. JerrtToMta Tnoble prolíS to whlhí mlcroscopical examination ot tho urine), for medicines which are (___J Manv who suffer from these terrihla ourative In one stage or condition are known to do postttoe Intury ,,llft,s -,„__ them innocentiv Wh"anv m?dïeal man inteï? In others. Wc have never, therefore, attempted to put up anything o ( „' " "' j and ! aUeviatinc "sufferinir slïou W shun such outi for general sale through druggists, recoramondinK to cure these w" ''L'"? „S,2uie Why anv one sïóufd consfder it otherwS diseñes, although possessing very superior remedies, Imowing fuU w ' f' ""I [mnorable to cure Tthe worat caï of these diaeaaem! well from au extensivo experience that the only safe and euccess"LSt and w oan thï?mb?r mÜadieahlS ful oourse is to carefuuy determine the disease and its M-ogn-ss in amc? íaík na there is' probaWy none aut whícphysi?iaMto each caso by a Chemical and microscopical examination of the ?J" '";,.„ , "f. "'."f J„„J rj? hiUp ?Wp thZ i i hP 'fni iftimSf 2 urine, and tnen adapt our mejiicincs to the exact stage of the disE&ÏÏLmÏÏSL bït iuerationtsTmpltud" easeaiidcondiuon of our patiënt. a„ HppJicilnt3 who are sufferiug from any of the delicate diteajoÜ To thls wise course of action we attribute the n,lnPI1 IT Unup Most of these cases can be treated when t WONDERFUL marvelous success attaiued by our specialists in bUREU il llDME. distance lust as weU as if here in person. ■ i unuuiii wv. tjjat jmportant and extensivo Department of our Olioncpe institutions devoted exclusively to the treatment A Complete Treatlae 038 pages) on these diseases sent ttaltd. OUuuLoo. of diseases of the kidneys and bladder. Thetreat plain envelope, secure from obeervation, on receipt of only Urn hhmmmmJI ment of diseases of the urinary organs Imvnttr eenta, in stainps, for postage, andSiírlgicannstitutte,aí"í being "in con8tant&reoétptof numeroug roünninTT Hundredsof the most dimcultoperationsknowB uTquirte lor a compleíe work ooi tbe nature and curability of these öURG GAL t0 modern surgery are aimually performed in tb niHla.lics, writtoQ in a stylc to be easily understood, wc have i n OSt TSk L b; ?ur Surs)5-Peciït iislied a urge Ulnstrateá Twattoe 00 these diseasc-s, which wiTl bc HRABTICE i!fSHLaI?e "hïïiitiS f Z r!?OVed ""ik11" .ttnanv-fidd- on receipt of ten cents in postage stamps. I I 1? %L&T&tuS?. INKLAilHIATIO! OF THE Our specialists, remove cataraet from the eye, therebycuring bllnaHUnDtR DËH, STONE IN THE Hl. A DDLK, ness. They also straighten cross-eyes and insert artificial om """"'■" (iravcl, Enlarsred Promatc lilaiid, when needed. Many Ovarían aud also Fibroid Tumors of th llericre tciitioii of Urine, and kindi-ed 'atfections, t'terus are arrested in growth and cured by electrolysis, coupled UloLHJr.o. nlay beincludedamong tliose in the cure of which with other means of our invention, whereby the great dangerof mmmtmÊmm our siecialisUi hiive achieved extraordlnary cutting operations in these cases is avoided. cess. Those are fully treated of in our illustrated pamphlet on Especially has the success of our improved operations for VariUrinary Disoases. Sent by mail for tn cents in stainps. cocele, Hydrocele, Fistula?, Ruptured Ceirix Uteri, and fór KupI"mm mml vriniTi [RF imi iic tured Perineum, been alike gratifying both to ourselves and our ftnmiTiinr I tiii u i i , ,,, .{ patients. Not lessso have been the results of numcrous operatloiw strigture. i ggwsgWLg3saa ?alíüi?ing SsASkSSSSSm ofinexpencptta'nTsïïnriatfc kÚTXÍT tW8 - oi - skill of our specialists is provod by cures reported in our illusont "''P1 or en ccn" ln BImPtrated troaties on these maladies, to which we refcr with pride. To Although we have in the preeeding pataintrust tlüa clnss of casus to physicians of small experience la a All uHRONIC RTaphs, made mention of some of the special dangerous proceeding. Many a man has been ruined for life by so V" wl""""u ailments to which particular attention il doing, while thousanus annually lose their lives through unskillful fliopiopo given by the specialists at tbe Invalida' treatment. Send particulara of your case and ten cents in stamps viufcAuto Hotel and Surgical lnstitute, yet the incttfor a large, illustrated treaties containing many testimoniáis. 1 CnrniiiTV tution abounds in skill, facilities, and asHEBVOUS K' VVtí.í.'iSSfcV; ASSSStaííSuiS nMn 1or iu cure meflcal or surgical meansninrinrn to slo-p. and tbreatened insanity, Ncrvous All letters of inquiry, or of eonsultation, should be addrimnii I UloUoCö. Debility, arlslng from orerstudy, excesses, and uinm mo menruoinv urninil loonniiTina 1 OU c n every vanoty o{ nervous affeeWOBLD S D SPENSARY MEDICAL ASSOG AT ION, Üon, are treated by our specialists for these disensos with unusual ■ w i uooess. See numerous cases reported in our different iilustrated 603 Main Btreet, BÜFFAIiO, V. Y,


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