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OUR ANNUAL CLEARING SALE, BEGrlüXTíS JA3XTUARY 18. THE TWO SAMS. R THE TWO SAMS. j SALE . ■ jL ■ ALL our Ovcrcoats, Every Suit in our House i -4 off. All our Fine Tailor Made Suits i-4 off. All our Four Button Cutaways 1-4 off. All our Prince Albert Suits 1-4 off. All our Sack Suits 1-4 off. All Suits no matter Iwhat they are or what thcy Cost from 5S5.OO to $25. OO 1-4 off. All Children's ; Suits boueht of us during this Sale we shall give 1-3 off. A Largo Line of Men's Pants at 75 cents. Come and see them. HATS. HATS. Any Hat in the house Costing $3.50, $3.00, $2.75, $2.50, _AJT $1.98. Every one of these Hats are of this SIKLASOHST'S STYLE, butthey must go. All Soft Hats 1-3 off. Tliis sale lasts ULiitil Fetorixary X O. SS dctvs onlvTHE TWO SAMS. All Pantaloons 1-4 off. All our Overcoats Costing $25, $24, $22, $20, f9 o n. $ i s. o o. This Remarkable Sale in our fine Overcoats will Continue till all are sold, at the Two Sams. The popular Clothiers. Let every Farmer, every Mechanic, every Citizen and Student turn out. Forltwentytwo days only. SijX-icbly om-e ZPz?oe. Tlie 'Two Sams.


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