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A university brancb of the Michiga republican olub was organizad in the un vereity last Saturday with the followin oflBcers: Pres't, H. B Dewey ; vice-prea't C. A. Alling; sec'y.D.K. Cochran; treas G. L. Cramer. The club starts off wit' r membership of sixty-two. There wi] be another meeting to-morrow afternoon "What are the people doing?" ex olaimed an excited oontemporary. Wel ■ome paying ten cents on the dollar other are announcing themselves as presidential candidatos, some walking six days for a share of gate-money, a few are predioting heavy frosts in Jun and - This age presente the greatest boon, Salvation Oil; it cures so soon. When Christmas came with its good cheer, its fun, and its merry-making, we used to deprécate its colds, but that was long ago, before the days of Dr. Buli's Cough Syrup. Now it is very different. A new ora has dawned on us, and great and small, little, tall, merry men all, are happy. When you see a lovely actress upon the boards, delighting the people by her beauty, her grace and her fine acting, it is hard to realize that the fair creature is just as liable to need Jamaica ginger aa the rest of humanity. But ououmbere bring us all to a common leyel. The difficulty of administering medioine to young children is entirely overoome by using Dr. Bull's Baby Syrup, the safest, most pleasant and efSoient, remedy for the little ones. Prics 25 ots. Bad breath is most always caused by a siok stomach. This can easily be cured. Laxador is the remedy for such cases. Price 25 cents. Why is a ship the politeat thing in the world- Because ehe always advances with a bow. The people as a masa seldom make mistukea. This accounts for the large demand for Dr. Bigelow's Positivo (cough) Cure. Ithas given such perfect satisfactiun that some druggists offer au imitation od which they make a larger profit. Beware of both the imitation and the druggist, both will cheiit you. The genuine is sold by Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, Geo. J. IlaeuBsler, Manchester, and will promptly and safely cure coughs, colds, and all throat and lang diseases. Pnce 50 o. A horse is a curious feeder; he eats best when he has not a bit in bis mouth. Americans are breaking down under high pressure application to business and duties at the desk ; they are losing nerve force. Dr. Jones' Red Clover Tonic restores lost nerve force by supplying food for the nerve tissues, and by lts gentle aperative action removes all restraint from the secretive organs, henee, cunng all diseasespf thestomach, liver and kidneys. Eberbach & Son, Ann Arbor, Geo. J. Haeussler, Manchester, will supply the genuine Bed Ulover Tonic at 50 cents a bottle. Eev. John Eoclestou gave a lecture Monday evening in Hobart hall,on "Westminster Abbey." The hall was well filled and the prooeeds go for Qerman missions connected with his parish on Staten Island. The best on earth can truly be eaid of Grigga' Glycerine Salve, which isa sure, safe and speedy cure for cuts, bruises, scalds, burns, wounds, and all other sores. Will positiyely cure piles, tetter and all skin eruption. Try this wonder healer. Satisfaction guaranteed or money refunded. Only 25 cents. BTBBTTlIIKir NEW! W. G. SNOW'S LIVERY STABLE ! No. 21 North Main street, adjoining the Duffy Block and opposite the Poetoffiee. Best Turnouts in the City AT REASONABLE RATES. Funeral Attendance a Specialty. Orders attended to in any part of the city and vicinity. Telephone connection. HACKS RUN NCHT &DAY. LIVERY AND FEED BARN. TUST Openedby HIRAM KITREDGE, In the rear of the Duffy Block on Ann Street. Ampie accommodations for 75 Horses. Patronage Solicited. H. KITREDGE. ANN ARBOR. ----- MICH. M. P. VOGEL, Eig;ht years with Henry Matthews. has opened a Meat Market AT IVo. 18 Kast Hurón St., And will keep on hand Fresb, Salt, and Smoked Meata, Poultry, and Game when in season. M. P. VOGEL, Ann Arbob, Mich. COLLINS & AMSDEN, - DEAIiEKS IN - Stone Lime. Water Lime, Cement Calcined Piaster, Plastering Hair, and JIJ JT. J. %s Jt_ . AND MASONS' SUPPLIES IN GENERAL. Also all kinds of WOOD and CO AL. - amo - Flour and eeca. and Balecl Hay. OFFICES, No. 33 and 3G Eaut Huron NBW Furntore Sim I give the BIGGEST BAEGAIN8 in tbe Oounty in the Furniture Line. Call, See and be Oonvinced. No. 1 Bast Ann Street, six doors East of th PostoflBce.


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