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Get Your Property Insured By C. H. MILLEN, (NSUUANCK AGKNT. Ho South Main street, Ano Arbor. Thr oldest aency In the city. Eslablished a quarter of a ! ceniury gu. Keiiresentini? the follnwlng flrstelas conipanles, with over fttl.UOO.OOU assets. Home Ins. Co., of N. Y.; Continental In. Co., et N. Yj Niágara In. Co., of. N. Y.: Girard Ins. Co , of Phila.; Oriënt Ins. Co., of Hartford; O jnmercfal Union of London; Liverpool and Loodon and Uloba. tW Katen low. Losse überally adjustfd and promptly pald. C U. MILLEN. HENRY MATTHEWS Keipn a Flrat-class MEAT MARKET ! Dealer In all kind of Fresh, Salt and Smoked Meats, One Door East of Franklln House. Prices Roasonable. Thanklng those who haTe so llberallr ' ed me In the past, I atso cordiallf nolicit trada rom new patrono. HENRY MATTHEWS, Huron Street, - Ann Arbor, Mich, in ArUor örpi fforts D. F. Allmendinser Uanufactursr and dealer In Pianos, Orpis, AND MUSICAL INSTRUMENT& Repair'mg and Tuníng a Specialty. Anyone catllng at the work, foot of Washington treet, can exainln K"ocl and pricea. I can convlnce you of the Great Bargains ! I am oiTering. D. F. ALLMENDINCJEK, ANN ABBOB Fred. Brown ! A.T CtABKKN'8 OliB PlACTB. FINE m ! Ijc3-o-oxs aüci HOT LUNCH EYERY MI. EBERBACH & SON. AND PHAKMAOISTS, No. 12 South Main Street - DKALEBS UI- Drupii, MLeclioin , Ohemienl, Dye S tuflVi, ArtlBfi and Wax Flower Materials, Toilet Articles, Trussas. Eto. Pm Win ml Liprs ! Special attentlon pald to tbe furnluhlnr of fhyslctana, Chemlsta, Schools, etc, wltta phllo■ophlcal and Chemical Apparatus, Bohemian Chemical tllasnrare, PorcaUia Ware, Pur teagrota, eto. Physiciana' PreacrlptUns Carefully Preparad at all houra EBERBACH & SON. Dulutti, South Shore & Atlantic RAILWAY. "The Soo-Mackinaw Short Line." ONLT DIRECT ROUTE VO UPl'ER MICHIGAN and the Iron nnd Copper Reeions of Lake Superior. Travering a t' rritory unequa led for HUNT1NG, F1SH1NG and CAMPING. DoublO Daily Train Service between St. Igcace anl íloufíhton without change of cars WAGNER SLEEPINO COACHES attached to all Niülit Trains. OtSEKVATION PA.RLOB CARS on aU Day Traiiis. The only aU Rail Route to SAULT STE. MARIE. Tickets over this rout are on sale at all principal Li ket offices. Kuil informaUon as to rates, etc., coi ie of maps and to dcrs wilt befuruished upon applicaiion to E. W. ALLEN. Gen. Pass. & Tkt. t ., Mirquette Mich i#. CENTRAL vlteM'Mbtiotso?jSggg?gtfjiS tflMt "' Ht" &ílntálnls. SiS. ïimk Table, Nov. 20, lö7. Standard Time. aoiNo tui, STATIONS. d J _ fl Í A. . A.. P. P.M. P. . Dhlcago... ..Lv. 6.M 9.0(1 4.40 „ 8.15 9.10 Kelamazoo.... 1.50 9.50 12 S3 2.2T Battle Cruclt... Uil 7.31 1 Jij 3.18 Jackson Ar. 3.15 4.20 9.15 8.15 4.50 AnnArbor 4.a8 5.SU 10.33 4.35 608 Detroit Ar. 6 00 6.45 11.50 6.00 7.80 P. 11. P. H. Bt. Thomas Ar 11.05 9.50 3.80 FallsView 1.17 Uuffalo Ar 3.35 2 40 8.05 GOINÜ WEST. „AT.O,.. = & _. I! LUílliii i. ÍI. P. M.!P. M. A. ' A. . P. . Buffalo I.. 11.80 10 00 l.W) Niapara Falls 12.45 p. h. 2.15 öt. Ihomas... JU 1 10 5.50 Detroit Lv. 7.M) 9.10 4.00 8.00 10.15 MtmArbor. 8.181 10 30 5.30 9.12 1185 p. v. Jackíon... _Ar. 9.4S 11.35 7.10 10 52 12.54 Battle Creek... 11.20 l.lï 8.52 a.m, 2.2J 12.13 Kalamsioo 12.17 1.50 9.45 4.45 1.20 8 07 Chicagc Ar 5.40 6)0 KI.2U 7.00 7 45 The New York Expri,. a faat train Icaves Ch!eoat3.10 Kal mazoofi.58; Battle Crcek, 7.33; Jackson. 8.1. Ann Arbor, 9 45; arrivingin Detroit at 10.45 P. M The (. hlcago Express, a fat train leaveB Detroit at 1.30 p m. Ann Arbor2.3i; Battle Creek, 4,40 Kalainuzoo, 6.15; ChlcaRO, 9.80. Sundiy eiceptcd. J3aturday Jfc Sanday eicepteo rDilly. O. W. RuooLin, H.W. HAYES, ff. P t 2. A.. Chicago. Uut Ann Arbor.


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