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Real Estate Transfers

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Loren S. JoBeph to Mell Barnes, York, $50. Mell Barnes to J. W. Blakeslee, York, $100. M. E. Whitingto J. A. Blakeslee York, $500. Phcebe Page to George Page, Sylvan, $1.00. J. F. Clark to J. D. Stafford, Superior, $1,900. Luke Jordán to A. M. Freer, Chelsea, $135.85. Charles Hall t Jacob Bolanger, Sylvan, $700. Wm. A. Collins to Sanih A. Cook, Ypsilauti, S550. E. H. Ostninder to J. N. Colby, Ypsilanti, 8100. Ed A. Gott to Wm. H. Wells, Ann Arbor, $2,500. A. J. Andrews to Jennie Voorheis. Salem, $1,269. Emma A. Storms to Eve A. Bangs, Aun Arbor, $500. T. K. Andrews to Harvey James, Ypiilanti, 1,000. Adelia Thatcber to M. J. Lehmann, Chelsea, $550. J.W.Wacker and wife to Jacob Haarer, Freeiom, $110. K. Curnmings et al to John L. Strang, Ypsilanti, $400. Wm. M. Fetndge to Suean C.Chandler, Pittslield, 6,400. Almira G. Bodwell to Ed H. Eberbacb, Ann Arbor, $550. G. A. Bangs to I. M. F. Grenmann, Anu Arbor, $700. Henry Juug and wife to J. Taylor, Nortbfield, $1,000. Fannie A. Lewis to Cynthia A. Case, Manchester, $1,100. SuBan M. Brokaw to Reynolds & Davis, Ypsilanti, $2,000. S. J. JRobinson and wife to Mowry A. Pierce, bbaron, $6,400. H. V. Deitrich and wife toBobert Marshall, Ypsilauti, $4,000. John Croakin and wife, by aheriff, to Gregory & James. $2,100. David B. Webster to Emma H. Haiiord et al Pittsfield, $G,500.