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Emperor William's Proclamation

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The followhig proclamatlou bas been Issueed by Kmperor Willlam: To My 1'eoplb: Qod'a liccrcc baa once more pluneed us iuto the most pol;naijt sorrow. Tbe lomb lias searcely cloaed over the mortal remalns of ïny Dever-to be-forgotten (randfather when h-ls majestv, my warmlyloved fatlier, Is also called from this II f e luto everlasting peace. The heroic encrgy, prompted by the Cuilstian aelf-sparlflce wlth which, desplte hls aufteiiugs, he knew how to fulflll hls klngly dutic?, Eeemed to justlfy the hope that he wonld be preservcd to the fatherland stlll lonu'er. God willed dillerently. The rojal suffcrer, whose heart beat respontive to all, was great and bcautlful. He only bad a few inonths trrauted to liim to display on tbe throne the noble i milities of inind and heirt whleh wou hlm the love of hls people. The Tlrtues wblcb adorned hlm and tbe victories which he acbievcd on the battletleld vvill rt-inaln a gruteftil remeraber auce as Ion ir as Germuu hearls beat Au Imuerishablc! glory wlll illumiue hls chlvalrous íiiiíurt! in the hUtory oí the fatherland. Called to the tbroue of mr fatbera, I have assumed tbe (overnmeut, luokiug up to tbe Iclug of kintcs, and havti vowod to God that, after tbe example of my fathcrs I will be a just and clement prloce to my people; tbat I will foster piety aud fear of God ; that I wlll protect peacii and promote the welfare of the country, and tbat I wil be a helper of tbe poor and distressed, and a tiue guardián of the right. Ia prayln)? God for trength to fulfill these klngly duties which hls will lm; oses upon ma I aui supported by conüdeuce in the Prussian people, which a alance at our past history Livea me. In tcwl and In evll days the l'ni.Rlan people have al wavs stood by tbelr klui;. Upon this tidcllty, whlcb my futlu-rs have found an ludissoluble bond at uil times of dltliculty and dauger, I reply with a consclouenessof rciurulnt; It from tbe bottom of my heart as ihe faltbful prince of a falthful people, both equally strong iu thelr devotron to thelr coinmon fatherlan I. From tbis consciousness of the reclprocated love uultlng me and my people I derive con tl - dence that God wlil voucbsafe my streügtb and wisdom to exercise my kiugly ofllce for the welaru oí the fatherlaud.


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