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Capes of cloth, velvet, or fur, are made very short and full. They ara usually pointed in front, though Uie Krench capes have long mantilla fronts. Large sailor collars are shown on the latest school-dresses, and berthas also are still in vogue. Widespreading collars are seen on many of the autumn gowns, and the bigger they are, and the odder their cut, the more popular they seem to be Both soutache braid and gimp are used as trimmings on children's frocks and on many of the more elabórate dresses are seen plaited frills of heavy satin ribbon. The leg-o'-mutton sleeve is not used as muc:h this fall as the huge puff, wliicM reache8 to the elbow, and is there joined by a deep, tight-fitting cuff. Accordlon plaiting is to be freely used in trimmings and accessories, and in whole gowns as well. When contrived tastefully, these dresses make an excel.'ent appearance, though there are many dangers of going wrong In planning them, which only makes success the greater when it is achieved. Where a little maid's frock is made of rough novelty goods in brown and dull red the full silk waist will show chameleon tints of brown, dark, light, red, and, perhaps, a vivid green. The plaid dresses are generally made very plain, and are not often comblned wlth silk, while all the little dresses, oí course, fasten at the back. Severely plain Unen collars, starahed stiff and displaying a nun-like expanse of spotless white, will be worn with backturning, flaring cuffs to match; while for those who cannot risk the starched linen, collars and culis oL a fine piquet, stiff, but rather more ivory in tone, is substituted, a still more favorable adaptation of the style being collar and cuffs of white silk. In regard to stationary, all formal invitations are engraved upon fine white paper of satiny texture. Visiting cards should be almost square, moderate in 3ize, and exquisite in quality. It te customary for widows to retain their husband's name for social purposes. The address should be placed In the lower right-hand córner, with the "at home" iay in the lower left-hand corner. The ïngraving should be in fine, simple 3cript.


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