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The Rescue

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Three pairs of Baltimore orioles built thelr nests in the boughs of the elms ahadlng a large garden. Though on separate trees, they were all close together and the birds were all on very good term8. In other trees round abo'it and in the shrubs and bushes beneath were nests of other birds- roblns. blueblrds, blackblrds, chlppy birds - what not. Between these outsiders and the orioles :here was commonly peace, though the alackblrd occasionally got into trouble when he carne too near the orioles' nests. Accordlngly, when on a certain morning, the birds of all kinds were 'ound to be in au uproar, screamlng and flylng about In a state of wild excitement, the gardener ran to see what ailed the feathered crowd. The cause of the trouble was soon dlscovered. One of the demure oriole wives had caught her head in the sharp ingled fork of a tree limb and there she lung, flutterlng and unable to help herlelf. The bird community had assemiled in force and had they been endowed with ordlnary human reason, they could not have been more excited. more free with heir advlce or less capable of of'ering any real assistance. Beyond tashing from place to place and screamng, the blrds, other than the orioles, did nothing; but the two sisters of the risoner not only flashed about and screamed, but occasionally one of them would catch the trapped bird by a tail eather and give her a yank. As it ïappened, this puiling only seemed to wedge the unfortunate bird the tighter n the fork. To the spectator in the garden the ate of the bird seemed sealed beyond help, and because of this he looked with astonlahment on the three male orioles, all of which were seated close together where they could see the hanging bird and not one of which fluttered a feather or made a move. But just as the gardener was conluding that the female must die, one of he male orioles, presumably the mate of the prisoner, flew to the place, where she was hanging, straddled the fork, grasped her by the back of the neck with hls bil], and, bracing hlmself, gave a mighty tug that pulled her free. Then ie dropped her. Instantly recovering kerself, she flew to a near-by ltmb and began arranglng her badly rumpled


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