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Paying Their Bets

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During the campaign there are always man y curious bete made, and their payment is always a source of amusement tothebeholders. One bet we heard of wasbetween twoyoung people for immediate marriage if McKinley were elected, while they each pledged themselves to remain single in case of Bryan's election. The young man was on hand with a minister Wednesday noon. One man in Michigan will roll a peanut around the court honse square with a toothpick. Another fellow wheeled his opponent through the streets in a wheel-barrow, headed by a band. One man we heard of is to sit in a store window and white wash a ton of hard coal one piece at a time. One eouplegot married with the understandiug that the wife was to support the husband for six months in idleness in case of Bryan's election. As McKinley has been elected the husband must now get down to business and be the bread winner. Robert Porteous of Manistee, ate a dish of genuine crow, surrounded by republican mottoes while his friends sat at the other tables at a sumptuous repast. He received a telegram of condolence f'rom Mark Hanna while eating.


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