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Washington, Maroh 19- Litt'.e was (Jone in th senafe yesterday. A number of bilis were introdueed; a resolution liso, inquiring of Uiè state departraent ihether the west Indian islands of St. Croix. St. Johno and St. Thomas could be purchased and the probability of their purchase by any European power. In the executive session Morgan made a long speech against the arbitration treaty. Washington, March 20.- The senate cpen sessior. lasted flfty minutes yesterday and was given almost entirely to the introduction of bilis. Burrows presented a petition from J. Edward Addick, of Belaware, claiming the seat now occupied by Kenny. Governor Lord. of Oregon, also forwarded a memorial on the Oregon senatorial situation, ; showing that the legislature had not organlzed and that he had the rlght to appoint. Most of the day was spent in utive session. Adjourned to Monday. Tli e house adopted rules for the debate on the tariff bilí, which begins Monday, the vote to be taken on the 31st. It then passed the sundry civil and general deficiency bilis. shington, March 22.- The house Faturday pushed through the two remaining "lett over" appropriation bilis according te Friday's schedule, the agricultural bilí carrylng $?,,1S2,9O2 and the Indian carrz'i'-iS $7,670,220. After the appropriation bilis were passed a resolution for extra mileage and stationery for this session of congress was adopted. Washington, March 22.- The senate yesterday adopted a resolution asking the president for information on the Ruiz case in Cuba, received a few bilis and reports and then went into executive session and adopted the committee amendments to the American arbitration treaty. Hanna presented his first bilí- for a public building at Cleveland. In ihe house nothing was done during the day except to read the new tariff bill infull first and then debate it, speeches being made by Dingley, Wheeler of Alabama, Bell of Colorado and Hopkins of Illinois. At the night session fnur more speeches were made. Washington, March 24.- The senate adopted the resolutions directing the civil service committee to inquire into the recent remováis from office at South Omaha, Neb. Turpie made a long speech in favor of popular election of senators. A joint resolution was adopted for the purchase of 1,000 tents for flood sufferers. An executive session was held. The house continued the debate on the tariff at day and night sessions. The feature of the oratory was Dolliver's speech. McLaurin of South Carolina advocated a duty en cotton.


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