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streets should be careful not throw refuse into them. üne of the wors things that can be done to the surface a street is to dump grass and other lawn refuse upon it. Jackson Republicana are said to have elevated their dorsal vertebrae because the governor came into Wash tenaw county for a member of the prison board. While Jackson politicians are willing to take every thing in sight, this particular piece of plum pudding has always been conceded to them without question. Without going behind the returns to unearth the political significance of Billy Judson's appointment upon the prison board The Democrat would remark that when the governor is dealing out "recognition" for services rendered the best there is in the cupboard is none too good for Washtenaw's flaxen haired sheriff. Numerous school boards throughout the state have made a markedreduction in the salaries of their teachers, and they have thus far had plenty of efficiënt applicants for the positions at the reduced wages. There is no reason why compensation for public services should not slide down a peg or two and yet be suüiciently high for these times. New York's Governor has turned down the inheritance tax passsd by the legislatura of that state last week. While such taxes are aimed to force contributions from a class that can well afford to contribute, they are not in the line of true reform. ïhere is only one natural tax - one tax that bears only on values created by society as a whole- and that is the land tax. The flght in the legislatura over rail. road taxation turns upon the truth of opposing statements of the earnings of the various roads. Were railroads taxed as other property i taxed these statements would be indevout. The merchant's stock of goods and the farmer's farm are not taxed on a basis of proflts but on what they areworth. That is the only legitimar way to tax raihvays. Whtle The Demockat is no prepared to"O. K." all that Rep. Sawyer has said and done during the session of the legislature which closes tonight, it can assure its readers that the representativo from the first district of Washtenawcounty was not the smallest toad in the puddle by any means, and we have, in more ways than one, reason to congratúlate ourselves upon the result of his work, It would seem that sec. 5 of art 10 of the state constitution which says "the sheriff shall hold no other office" will prevent Sheriff Judson from hold ing the office of member of the prison board to which he has been appointed, without resigning the shrievalty of this county. As our friend Judson is not in politics for his health no uneasiness need be feit about his deserting Washtenaw county before the lst day of Jan. 1899. It is not ari easy task to determine the exact position of the Republican press upon the flnancial question at the present juncture. In one paragraph the depredations of the gold standard are defended in language calculated to mislead and confuse. In the next the president's grand-stand play of international bimetallism is a subject for ful-t some praise. The inconsistency of all this would indícate that our friends "don't know where they are at." The total failure of their campaign promises has demoralized the magniiicent machine which cost Mark Harina $16,000,000 to build. Those Kepublicans who hope to fortify the power and influence of the banks by retiring the " greenbacks," might better turn their attention to more profitable employment. They can never consúmate their ends. The American people long since becarne fully convinced that a United States note which costs the government nothing but the print ing is better money t han a bank note which it is necessary for the government to guarantee and to pay a bonus upon in the form of interest. The sharks who would demonetize the "greenback" will grow exceedingly weary beforo their job is finished.


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