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The city council held a special meeting Wednesday night and appointed a committee consisting of Mayor Hiscock, City Ajtorney Kearney and Alderman Cady to go to Lansing and obtain, if possible, the passage of an enabling act to permit the city to issue bonds to the amount of $40,000 for paving purposes. The intention of this is to enable the payment for street pavement to be made in the same manner as the lateral sewer taxes, in four annual installments. As the legislature winds up its business at 12 o'clock tonight, the committee will have no time to lose if they secure the desired permission. The St. Thomas Dedication. The corner stone of Ann Arbor's new Catholic church will be put in place next Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock, by the Kt. Kev. Bishop Ilademacher, of Fort Wayne, Indiana. ïhe bishop will be assisted by the Rev. D. Coyle, of Detroit, and the Eev. M. Sullivan, of Detroit, both of whom are ehildren of St. Thomas parish. Very Rev. Frank O'Brien, of Kalamazoo, will be master of ceremonies, and the sermón will be preached by the Very Rev. Dr. Morrissey, the president of Notre Dame l'niversity. We print this week a cut of the new church taken from the State st. side. . Death of Frank Allmendiiiger. Frank Allmendinger, of the north side, died last Saturday morning at 5 o'clock, after an illness of about three months with kidney and liver trouble. The deceased was 23 years oíd and a very bright and promising young man. He was the youngest of six children of Mr. and Mrs. Christian Allmendinger, all of whom survive him, and a member of the A.O. U. W. The funeral services were held last Monday afternoon at 3 o'elock from the house, Rev. Nicklas officiating. Hunfeer's loml. The suit brought by the city against Robert Hunter to have the mili pond on W. Washington st. declared a nuisance and secure the abatement of the same was heard before Judge Kinne this week. The judge will render his decisión on June 12th. Y. M. C. A. Don't fprget the second Everybody's Social at the Y. M. C. A. rooms tonight. It is a second opporlimity to save money and you should not lèt it go by. The prograrn will consist of recitations, solos and instrumental music, and those who will take part are: Geo. Ziefle. Miss Davidson, J. Stanger, sid ney Martin, Willis Johnson, Miss A11mendinger, Frank llyan and Miss Gruner. Jce cream and eake will be given awaywith eyery ticket purchased and that "alone is worth doublé the admission price. It is the greatest offer that has ever been placed before the public. Next Sunday will be Musical Snnday at the Y. M. C. A. rooms. The music will be vocal and instrumental. Kemember to come May 30, at 2:45 p. m. School Commissioner Cavanaugh visited schools in York township this week. Pay Up. Fred McOmber is collecting the subscriptions to the bicycle path fund, and he desires to get the money in at oncf. Step into his office at 1 Fourth avenue and pay up. Welch Postwill have full delegations at each of the ward schools of the city, this afternoon, to talk on Patriotism. M. J. Cavanaugh has been invited to deliver the commenceinent address at ' the Orion Iligh school on June 13th. MEMORIAL DAÏ OBSEKVáSCK, General Orders for the O. A. K, f! tfceDepartment Commander of Mictiígaiu General Orders Xo. 3 has beenr résnecl f rom headquarters of the Michigan Department of the G. A. K., by eommaad of Department Commander Aaron T, Bliss. ]t reads as follows-. " Again the living approaef tïte day most sacred to the Union Army Tete raí?. Let it be the purpose of eacb rarftrer of that army to make Memorial? Day of 1897, in its observance, most íínpressíve. "The 30th of May, 1897, faüiitg on is provided by statrate of our state that the followinj Memïay be observed in business matteis aa legal holiday. In view of this faei, Monday,, May 31, 1897, bas been na mecías Memorial Day in this departmnt, a ad it is hoped that the observance Of t&aS day may occur in all localities where previously made arrangement db Eot prevent. " The readingof Lincoln'sGettysbargaddress on Memorial Day exerciseswa recommended by the thirtietb nationall encampment. The posts of this department will see that this recommendaWon is observed. The address will be fouiufc on tbird page of General Orders 6„ National Ileadquarters, which ís sent out with these orders to each post." 10:30 a. m. - Decorating; the graves at. St. Thomas Cemetery. 1:30 p. m.- Procession leares ooarfc ' house for memorial exercises inFiftlt' AVard Cemetery 3 p. m. - Procossion at Foresfc Ilill Cemetery. 8 p. m. - Exereises at University Halt. Overtnre. Colnmbian Organ- "Star Spangled Rstracr". . Professor A. M.. StanJey Devotional. Scriptnre and Prayor Rev. W. L. Tedrow Intmluctory Remarkg Cominamlcr iroiace PÍDanforffc -Music. "A mrrica" Organ and CiWirreat otï. i ing. "Abraham Lincoln at Gettysbnrsr.' Oomrade WüüaiQ. K-Cfeiiaa Muic. "Two Fallen Braves," MissElizabeth A. Carétpbell Readin-r. "Good-by, Jim,'1 Mr. Kurl E HavrimoEi Muaic. Song Mr. R. G. Georg Address M. AdeUe Hazlett Music. "Red, White and Blue," HIse Lira Jcie Jatv Dozoloffy. "Praise Ciod from whom all Blessings Flfl-w,!" ■ Orgmi : i' CoogregatSbil Bonediction Rov. J. 'i . The W. Tí, C. will have a cross n Col. Welch's lot f or any may desfre to place au offering of flovvers a a. memorial for soldiers' burial elsewhtreu


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