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The senior law elass held an Lmportant meeting in me law lectors room Jlontfay afternoon .-u .'! o'cloefe:. The flrst business n order w;is the report of the eonnnlttee who had been aipolated to earrespond with artlst in regard to receiving bils for the palntlng of a pieture f Prof. Lovi t. Grlflttn, wlio resigned hls professorshlp of law last year. The artists wlio sunnutted ïiids rere i". Paulus and Perey Ivos. of Detroit, F. C. Ooirrter, of Chicago, and B. B. Morgan, of Ypsltanti The clase flnally decided to mv-jni the contract to Mr. B. B. Jlorgaa, of Ypsil:i nli, for the gom of $150, to he fi-.uned at aa addltlonal cost of $40. Mr. Morgan, the artlat seleeted, is the pahrter of the picture of Frof. l r.ow aanging In the law lecture room, and that of Kx-Gof. Felch in the art ry. The paiuting wlll be presented to the University ly the class, anti left as a class memorial. A committee was appointeri to decide upon sonie disinterosted artisl as the final judge of the aceeptance of the picture wnen painted. The class then discussed the matter of a class emblem. Au informal vote was taken on the different ones proposed, and the majority of the class favoTed a class cane. The president was tüen Instructed vj appoint a oommittee to receive bid fi-om different pliotographers for tí) tpking of the class picture: and ar otlier to make arrangeiuents for a: ratorieal eontest, foT the selectioii i elass orator, apd for a eontest fo rhe choosing of a class poet. Anothi u eet ing will be held 'suon to elect . ■lass historian and class yrophet.


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