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Saluted The Maine

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Havana, .Tanuary 25.- Tlio Tuited States Iwttlesliip Maine, eoonmandud by Charles V. Sigsfcee, w'.neii lfft Key West, Fla., yesterday, arrivo.l here at 11 o-flock tliis moruing and was xaluted by the forts aud war vessels. A report is corren thai Bhe United Sta'tes cwnsiil-geaeml, Fitzhugh Lee, .,,„1 nr r.insrosto. setereöarygefflieral of the goveruruent, have had a sllglit niisuiulersianding. A naval lieutenaut of the Siani-h cruiser Alfonso XII., the Spanisb ffl&gBhip, vlsited the Mame early in the afternoon, as dld ateo the offleer of t!he Germán cruiser Gneiseman, Dhe s,-hoolahip. Both visits were retturned tij Cairt. Sigsbee, who at 6 o'clock called npon Rear Admh'al Vicente Stante rola, at the admiralty office, and upon Vice-Admlral Pastor, after wliich h liad a prolonged conference wilb sul (ciu-imI Ivee. The consul-generaJ Will return Capt. Sigsbee's isit Riomnv afternoon. He is aTitonging for a visit by Gapt. Sigstoee to Atln ('at'ain-GeiH' Parrado. The office:1 and sailors of the Mtaíne wi'.l not go .■sliore at preseiit ia order to avoW possible fricüon. The American newspaper corresponöents will ffive a bauquet vo Captain Sigsbee, Cónsul-General Lee aud a aiumber of Spanifllh offlcers. It is reportad at rlie palace tiiat Genei'al Máximo Gómez lias fallón bax?k aeross the ilorou .lucaro trocha in to the Camvaguey district Madrid, January 23.- Tho newspapeTs geiierally comment upon Secrctary Long's explanntion oí the visit of the UniU'd Sííites battleship Mtelne t Havana, and agree in expn the opinión that her visiï is tune and cafculated to eacourage Che insurgente." It is au'wunced tliat "foMffwilig "Washington' s example," the Sps íioverameit will "iustruct Spaniel wurshipa to visit a few American lurt's."


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