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Harona, .Tan. 24 (via Key West).- The action of the governmcnt Ifl sciirching eertain mail matter befare füïtfwing it to te delivered is coaisidered by persons well Informed upau the subject, a Uirect violatlon of the international postal unión treaty. M'any persons, including a number of loyal Spaaüaxcis, u'ïi as Señor Francisco de Los Sautos Guzman, ex-pi't sident of congrees, and others of soc'ial standing in the city, make eomDlaints of the non-iMivery of letters addross ed to theni. It is reported that iu consequence of the govemment's action. steps will be tafeen to expel Spain froxn the postal uniou. Endeavors hare been made to induce Dr. Oalbera to rem'aïn at Signanez and to obtain thu surrender oí the leaders, Rego and Monteaguado. It is said that $70,000 has been wired to Gen. Aguirre for the surrender of lasso and is party. Señor López, who formei'ly held a commissöon in the Spanish army in Cuba, but w!ho was ilishoiiored and sentenced to i;;.l and who cscortcil Gómez and Jlacfro d uring their invasión, but later surremdered, has now been appomtea by Gen. Pando cliiiH' of guerrillas and is now acttag as a govnimit agent, riding through the territory in tin Santa Clara province, trying to induce the insurgents to surreuder.


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