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The Spinsters' Club

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Tuesday evenlng, February 1, at the opera, house, bas been set for the production ot' "The Spinsters' Fortnig&tly Club, or Oíd Maids Made Over," by i lie Chodr Chapter oí St. Luke's chureh. This cómica] entertainmom will rival the "Deestrict Skule" in amusing the audienee. and. will doubtless le as well 'patronlzéd. A good portion of the program is artistic in its nature and will serve to relieve the monotODy of fim that would otherwise result. It has teen a greai drawiug card in other cities, furnishing as it does an excellent opportunity for wholesorue fun. Following is a complete list of the ludies who will rake part: Me.sdames T. C. Owen. F. A. Bar'bour, Austin George, B. L. D'Oogu, C. L. Stevens, E. Loomis, Fanny C. Burtou, F. H. Pease, Julia Sherman. W. H. Deu-bel, C. M. Hemphill, I'. W. Oarpeater, G. C. Amsden. and Jiisses Susie Atasworth, Abbie Owen, Florence Batchelder, Hattie E. Teeple, Alice Deasmore, Abbie Peaxce, Flornce Marsh, Ilester P. Stowe, Jane Lanab, Carrie Towner, Emma. G. Minor, Bessie Vroman, Josephine Hemphill, Aliee M. Suelden, Winlfred Wallin, Ariolet Wilson. The difficult duties of Prof. Makeover, who transforms the spinsters into young and eautiful maidens, will be undertaken by D. L. Qalrk, jr., wliose efforts in this directioji will be astonishing, to say the least. He bas ivcmtly ínvented a very practical madhine for the purpose, and :he iirsi exhibitiOD of the "Remodelscope" wlll be at this produetion. Tickets will be 15, 25 and 35 cents, and the sale will be opened at Rogers' the latter pirt of next Avek.


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