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Laws Were Ignored

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Washington, .Tanuary 27.- The house devoted amather day to the consideración of the Indiun appropi'lation bilí, most ot the time beíng causumed, as ou the t'wo previous d&ys, in discussing extraneous subjects. By far the most Interesting feature of t'he day Was Hie debate 011 t'he quesíiou of re(iuting the mail carrier service in the larger cities, wing to the f;Dilii-e of the seoate to attaleh the estoiated deíieiency oí $160,XK) to the urgent deiiciency bill. This siijeüt has beeu agittiting the iuetrapolitan cities ever since the order was Issued t'or cut'tin d-öwn the force on Föbruary 1. A dozen Teipresenta'tiives f rom ns nmny different cities protested against the projposed Te"duc;tion and urged an iminedlate appropriation, wlien Cliairraan Ixnul of 'the postoffice cxfinmittee aud Ohairman Oanaion of the aypropniation committee allayed the wrath of ihe mem'bers by assuring them tnat theTe was no occasion for alarm; that the service could Ho!t jiossiMy sulfer un'til June 15, .bofore wihich time ühére would bo ampio opportunity to pass a deficiemcy a]propi'i-aMoii. The mötion to strike out the appro liï;iiicm for the Oailisle Indjan school was defeated after fcoDsiderable debate, 29-G5. Ten pages of tlie bill tveie diposöd of today. Tne coaference report on the urgent 'deficiency bill was ad.opted.


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