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In the Sehemerhorn case Monday afternoon H. B. Keys of St. .Tohns, Mrs. Crane of Mason, and Corydon Dunsmore, all eousins of the Benm-tts and who were present when Mollie's box of papers were opened, swore that they had never heard of such a thing as colored blood in the Benneti family. Further, that no will was found among the papers. It was brought out that Gertie McCormiek said when the cousins were examining the papers that they had better look out as Jerome was in the next room and could hear everything, to whlch Mr. Keys ansvvered that there was nothing private about the transaction or secret about it and there was no need of any secrecy. A tin-type group consisting of Jerome Sehemerhorn, Mollie Bennett, Gertie McCormick and some other woinan was shown the witnesses by Mr. Lehman, who asked them the identily of those in the group and this ende picture was put in evidencs. Clark S. Wortley, a merchant of ïpsilanti, was sworn. He testifled that Mollie Bennett was in the habit of eonsulting him about business mattere and that he talked with her abuut a week previous to her death abgut proiding in some way so that the family lot in the cemetery could be kept up She finally deciden1 to make a will to include this provisión and made arrangements to go to Judge Balbitt and have it drawn up. "Did she say anything about having a will already made?" asked Capt. Allen. "She said she had no will in exi.-Lenee." Charles Thompson, colored, Bwore that he had a conversation with Mollie Bennett in the presence of Jerome Sehemerhorn. Jerome had claimed he had some property. "I asked her," said Thompson, "if it was so anj she said he did not and that he did not own anything there. The reputatiors for truth and veracity of Olds and Sweating was impeached, the former by John Larab and C. S. Wortley and the latter by John MeDougal, George MeDougal, Nelson Fowler and John Huston. Tuesday it was brought out that Mollie Bennett had always signed her name to other legal papers as "Maryett" Bennett and several were exhibited in eourt to prove this, while in the copy of the alieged will whlch Mr. Sweating swore was a correct copy the name was written "Mariette" Bennett. Several Tpsllantl people were on the stand to prove that Doe Bennett had straight hair and that they. had liever i of the Bennetts having any negro biood in their veins. The contestants Tuesday aftemoon put witnesses on the stand to prove that Jerome Schemerhorn made offers of money to procure wltnesses who would swear they signed the will and also are impeaching the veraci'ty oL Rowe and Sweating. F. (',. swore that Jerome offered him $200 ir' uld swear that he was out iiunting near the Bennett place and was called in to vritness the will. P. W. Ross and James Katon, two other witnesses in this regards, will be put on thé stand, their testimony being iaved t.i the last. It looks now as if all the testimony would be in before u o'cluck and the arguments commenced. A verdii-t will undouoïtdly be reached tomorrow.


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