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Will Be Left To Schley

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Washington, May 25. - The next important war news will conie from Santiago de Cuba. It will describe an attack by American ships upon the Spanish fieet commanded by Admiral Cervera, now bottled up in one of the securest harbors in tho world. The first details will deal with the preliminary, such as the bombardment of the fortifications situated upon the high bluffs overlooking the tortuous ehannel from the GaribbeaD sea to the deep, narrow bay where the enemy now enjoys immunity from destruction. Aecording to the best information obtainable here Admiral Sampson, with the heaviest vessels of his fleet, is in the vicinity of Havana, preparing to bombard the city, after aiding in the transfer of our invading army to Cuban soil. Commodore Schley is off Santiago de Cuba with the seeond-class battleships Massachusetts and Texas, and the armored eruiser Brooklyn, the unarmored eruiser Scorpion, probably the unarmored eruiser New Orleans and two monitors. It is fairly well understood that Admiral Sampson's orders are that he must succeed in crushing the Spaniards. If they will not come out to flght our ships must go in after them. Schley must be intrusted by Sampson with the carrying out of this task, oj he may be given aid from Sampson's fleet. He can whip Cervera. But he 'has tremendous obstacles to overeóme. Without having reduced the batteries, some of which are concealed and all of which are in good condition except Morro, which was shelled. by the St Louis, and without having countermined the ehannel, he can not hope to get within range of the Spanish ships. One ship only can enter at a time. Upon the flrst vessel the Spaniards will concéntrate adeadly, annihilating fire. It may be sunk. Then the ehannel would be clogged. This will liave to be avoided. How to do it is the problem Schley must solve. The impression is allowed that the naval war board is not participating in the píaos now being executed. Sampson, it is said, is not hampered by instructions as to just how to ceea, so tnat lt Decomes a ioregone conclusión that the American navy will soon win another decisive battle. WAITING FOR WAR TO END. It Is Said Secretarles Day and Alger Will Then Retire. New York, May 26. - A Washington dispatch to the Brooklyn Eagle says: "It is reported hero that Secretary of State Day does not expect the war to last long, and that it is his intention to retire from the cabinet as soon as the war is over. It is reliably stated that when Judge Day agreed to accept the premiership he did so with the distinct understanding that he should be allowed to resign in the fall, if hostilities with Spain had ended by that time. "That Judge Day is of the opinión that everything will be cleared up by fall is indicated from the fact that he has taken a lease on his present house only until next October. "From the same authority the Eagle correspondent is informed that Secretary Alger will also resign from the cabinet when the war is over."


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