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Camp Thomas, Chickamauga Park, May 18.- (Special).- This morning Camp Thomas was in a disordered and chaotic state; tonight in place of the chaos it is a tented city and all is harmony. ('..mpany Li has fine quarters with large shade trees on each side of the tents. Our company has flfteen tents in all, two offlcer's tents and thirteen for the privates and non-commissioned officers. Seven men bunk in each of the firs'c live tents, while six are in ■ if the other eight. Bach man is supplied with a rubber and woolen eet, and they are all he has to t him f rom the elements. At nt, however, where there are a number in a tent a very comfortáble bunk can be made up for all, but where each man has to bunk by himself, as he would have to do in actual service, it is very hard. The boys now have all they can eat. The rations are plain but well cooked and are served on time. The water is good but has to be carried into camp from a distance of a fourth of a mile Liquor will be excludeü from camp, at least until the men get acclimated. Fruit can be procured in abundance. This morning Company G had all the fine large strawberries they could eat. The Chickamauga creek is not over half a mile from camp and renders fine facilities for bathing, the water being warm and shallow. Today the majority of Company O have had their hair cut. We have a barber in the company in the person of Talcott Crane. "Talkie." as he is known among the boys, is always glad to please his comrades. Relies on the battlefleld are often found. Sergeant Webb, with peveral privates, while walking through the park today, found some rare specimens of battered bullets and one curious old shell. It is said on good authority that, if the soldiers are kept here .during the summer, Únele Sam will use his boys in blue to clear up and improve the naüonal park. The boys declare it would be an imposition on them. They trust Col. Gardener implicitly to guard their interests and rights. Tonifiht Col. Gardner preserrted every member o" the Thirty-first regiment with a red handkerchief, with the request that his boya use them as a scarf or necktie and try to return each of them when the war has ended. When the token of kindly feeling between the colonel und his men was presented, his name eheered to an echo. He is a great favorite with the boys and they all afe under his command. Today has been very hot, so hot, in fact, that Cuba could not be w-orse. The Times correspondent has his headquarters in the first sergeant's tent, where he will be pleased to meet all his frienls from Michigan. Through the kindness of Chaplain White, of the Thirty-first, The Times reporter will be able to supply Ypsilanti and Time; readers in general the doings of Company G, whether on the field of battle or encamped at Chickamauga Park. Lieut. Pack. of Company A, has been appointed adjutant of the Third battalion. The choice is a popular one.


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