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Tooth Jerkers' Banquet

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Atpna Chapter, Delta Sig-ma Delta raternlty, an organizatlon which orignated in the dental department of the J. of M. and whieh is supposed to mean nat all lts members are to caution neir patients "Don't Say Damn" whenever the subject is fairly entic-_„ n the inquisitlon chair, held , 1 fvhi e reunion in this city Saturday night by gnving a banquet to the fraters ïnZi h"oS'.eeded n &ettlnL wS! mg s O. K. stamp on their record in nSTif The anqUet was held n the bt. James hotel in this city and was quite an elabórate affair. In fact he cost of "fllling" the inner man must moto be" quite a "Pul1" n the pocket ooks of those who had to stand it bat he delicious things on the "platea"' and he enjoyadle time were valué reelved. Of the old alumni present there u ome very Prominent men n fact they were all the way from Dr Douds who prides hhnself on the fact nat the flrst tooth he ever filied was astened to the jaw of President Mct1? ? t0 Del Stoup arld d lowlett, who hold the record for knuw. ng more young ladies in Ypsllanti than anyone who ever attended college There were present the followjng n dentlsts: J. W. Youngman, of Cleveland; J. Ward House, of Grand Rapids; Fred Joslyn, of Big Rapids; C. E. Meerhoff, of Chicago; A. L. Le Gro, of Athens, Mlch.; W. H. Van Deeman, of Toledo; C. T. Whitney, of Toledo; Ward Howneit, of Jackson ; J. K. D.m;rof Sandusky; E. T. Loeffier, of Saginaw; J. K. Lathrop, of Detroit; A. N. . of Pt. Huron; J. B. Dowdigan, of Owosso; E. C. Moore, of Detroit; V H. V hitsier, of Cleveland; Del Stoup, of Monroeville, Ohio; C. IT. Bailey, of Detroit; D. C. Bacon, cf Chicago; H. L. Simmons, of Chicago; J. G. Rekt, of Chicago; A. II. Peck, of Chicago; .T. K. ■ p. ,.,f petrolt; F. F. Douds, of Cantón, Ohio; L. M. ' Ypüüanti. C. A. Templeton, of Chicag-a. and X. S. Hoft, W. H. Dorrance and L. P. Hall. of this city.


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