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Greely Hears Of Shafter

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Washington, June 21.- The navy department has received official news from Sampson of the arrival of Shafter's transports ofL Santiago. Later it was learned that the news did not come from Sampson, as supposed, but from Lieut.-Col. Allen of the signal corps to Gen. Greely. It is also announced that direct cabio communication has been est&blished to Guantanamo via the French cable. An immediate attark upon Santiago ít'ielf 'is not to be expected right away, it is súici, as a few days must elapse to get the expedition into marching and fighting shape, but a battle wjth the Spanish forces will be chronicled very soon. The United Ptates authorities have no intention, it is said, of keeping an army at Santiago indefinitely. Primarily, the purpose is to capture or destroy Admiral Cervera's fleet of warships in the harbor, rout Linare's army and hoist the American and Cuban flags over the city. This accomplished Gen. Garcia's insurgent forces, veil equipped will be left in charge of the city and its defenses. while Shafter's snldiprs wilfr be withdrawn for use elsewhere. As a basis of military a,v naval supplies Santiago wil! bc of no small importance in the impending movement upon Porto Rico. The war board ia ' keenly appreciative of the fact that, save by surrender on the part of Spain, Cuba eannot be free until Havana has fallen. Santiago, Cienfuegos, Matanzas and other cities may be taken in order, but until Havana has been stormed from both land and sea, and the stars and stripes are hoisted over Morro castle, Cuba will continue to be a Spanish possession. Havana is Cuba. An earlier attack upon Blanco than has heretofore been contemplated is therefore regarded as one of the strong probabilities. Advices frcni Sampson's fleet are to the effect that the thirty transporta conveying Gen. Shafter's army are lying six miles off Santiago, waiting for the selection of a suitable landing place. Aguidores, east of Santiago, and Accerradero, to the west, were the chief points under consideration yesterday. Advices received here by way of Marseines, France, conflrm the first reports that part of the Spanish fleet has returned to Cadiz. The dispatches say that the Vittoria was injured and was towed into port. The navy department has official Information that part of Cadiz fleet has gone to the Canary islands.


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