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Washington, June 23.- The new Russian ambassador, Count Cassini, will be formally received by President McKinley within a day or two. Count Cassini was asked whether Russia lookcd with apprehension upon the American occupation of the Philippine islands. He replied that Russia was naturally deeply concerned in any raovement affecting the great problem of the far east. The Philippines were, to some extent, a part, or an outpost, of the far east, and who was to control them, jf they passed out of the control of Spain, was of interest and importance to Russia. But so far as Russia herself is concerned, Count Cassini said, her sphere of activity is confined to the far east proper, and not to the Philippines and other outlying islands, which could have only an indirect and remóte infltience in the development of the east. In response to an inquiry as to whether Russia was likely, alone or with other powers, to look with disfavor upon the control of the Philippines by the United States, the ambassador said that he did not apprehend any change in the present good relations between the United States ajid Russia. SOUOIERS KAGER TO ADVAXCE. Amerlcans Not Digmayed by the Prospect of Terriflc Flghtlng. New York, June 23.- A special cable to the World from Mole St. Nicholas says: Three hundred American sharpshooters have been landed eight miles west of Santiago to co-operate with Gen. Garcia's forces. They have taken several machine guns to the insurgent camp, with competent men to handle them. It is the purpose to hold the mountain passes, so that re-enforcemehts will be unable to get into Santiago. Garcia has 3,000 men here and 1,000 a "ew miles away in the interior. These Cubans are determined fellows and will Jlay an important part in the coming battles. While Sampson and Shafter were consulting with Gen. Garcia the Marbleïead lay off shore in easy range, ready o intervene should any necessity arise. The Second división, composed of the Twenty-second, Fourth, Fifth, Seventh, Twelfth and Seventeenth regulars and he Second Massachusetts, was selected o make the flrst important landing. Great Activlty In Havana. Key West, Fia., June 23.- A war ship which arrived this morning from the lockade off Havana reports that nothng of interest can be seen from the hips there except prodigious activity n the construction of defense works on hore. The vessel brought in W. Henerson, chief armorer, and J. Herman, unner's mate, of one of the gunboats, who were wounded yesterday while at work in the armor-room of the ship tryng to extract the fuse from aone-pound heil. Henderson was struck ia the abdomen by a plece of the ahell and Herman had nis right arm lacerated The men were placed in the marine hospital. Both will recover. To Ro-enforce Santiago. New York, June 23.- A special cable to the Tribune say3: "A crisis is approaching at Santiago. Blanco is trying to re-enforce the town and Garcia and Shafter are endeavoring to prevent him. Sampson thinks Cervera will attempt to escape, and is ready to crush him if he tries to do so. It is said that Spanish troops under Gen. Pando, second in command to Capt.-Gen. Blanco, are marching in a large body to re-enforce the Spaniards at Santiago. The insurgents under Garcia are so distributed as to cut off Pando's approach." Porto Rico Pushed Asido. New York, June 23.- A special to the Tribune from Washington says: !'The project to occupy Porto Rico is now regarded by the highest military authorities of both the army and navy as practically removed from immediate consideration, and unless the death race of Gen. Shafter's army from diseases indigenous to Cuban soil is exceedingly high the president's desire for the prosecution of a general aggressive campaign throughout the entire island oi Cuba may be promptly entered upon the moment Santiago is captured. Yankee May G'atcli Purissima. Kingston, Jamaica, June 23. - Mr. Dent, the American consul, has received official advices by the steamer Adula that the Spanish ship Purissima Concepción arrived at Tunas Saturday. The Yosemite and Yankee had been detailed to capture the Spaniard. As the Yankee was outside Cienfuegos Sunday she will probably meet the Spanish ship, as it is believed the Purissima will coast around in endeavoring to reach Batabano, whence her cargo of supplies can be forwarded to General Blanco. British Ships for Transport. Washington, June 23.- Twenty-flv6 British ships have been offered to the war department by their owners and agents f transport purposes. All ot these, however, are not yet in United States ports, but their arrival has been anticipated with a view to their examination as soon as they reach hsre. On the Way to Santiago. Washington, June 23.- The Thirtythird Michigan and one battalion of the Thirty-fourth Michigan left Camp Alger today for Fortress Monroe, whencc they go to Santiago. WiH Soon Be Ktady for Sea. Mare Island Navy Yard, Cal., June 23. -The work on the cruiser Philadelphia is progressing rapidly and she will be ready for sea by the first week of July.


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