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Our Own And Only Hank

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We congratúlate our fellow townsman, H. C. Stnith, on securing his long cherished ambition, the Republican nomination to congress from this district. Everybody knows Hank as a good fellow who keeps thing3 jingling, regardless often of the outcorne of his raülery. He is a hard worker, is full of energy, has no political principies that can't be changed in a minute or two to suit changing conditions, and in that respect may be expected to represent the sentiment of the district as he understands it. Everybody takes Hank as a standing joke, with all sorts of enjoyable variations, and no one takes nis nomination as a serious matter. No one knows what Hank stands for politically today, or what he will be for tomorrow, and what is better for his chances r.obody who intends to vote for him seem to care. It will be remembered that he was one of the most outspoken free silver advocates in the county before the St. Louis Republican convention. He wore a 16 to 1 badge and whooped it up for the white metal with a vengeance. He went down to St. Louis, changed his politica! coat in a jiflj, and came back the most intense goldite in southern Michigan. He is just as liable to go down to Washington and flop the other way, if conditions get right, as not. Everybody likes him, yet nobody who really knows him, has any faith in his sincerity on any political question. Life is too much of a joke with Hank.for him to take anything seriously, or for anybody to take him seriously. Everybody will enjoy the campaign, for it will be as full of pyrotechnics, red flre and glory hallelujah asa fourth of July celebration with a circus thrown in. Taken as a whole, we are glad Hank got the nomiuation, for there will be no end of excitement in Lenawee while the flreworks are going and Hank's mouth is in working order, and if he is suceessful he will créate l( a sensation if nothing more when he gets to Washington in a very short time, while if he is defeated he will continue to scatter broadcast that perennial smile of his, somewhat frayed and worn around the edges, of course, and continue to be a good fellow still. He is our own and only Hank, and without him the political surroundings in the sphere of Republicanism in this county, would be a dreary and weary sandy


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