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DRA1N CONTRACT. of as afta ssrs 9tssjsss f the,cry f w in the forenoon of that day, proceed to receive bids for thV deS out nf ■ . t n t?'nship of Augusta, at ten o'clock Augusta Central Drain," located and established in tha eSd Townahfn of 1 Dam n and designated as The Oommencing m paint creok n the north half of southeast quarter of S, t on 4 A"gusta' and descnbed as follows, to wit: said dftun to highway betweén Section 21 and thence rth alorn th r un?!n ence weeterly along the line of corner o southeast quarter of Section 16. Said job will be let bv 8t ctions Tl ? ♦TL"1 " hiShway the northeas first, and the reraaining sections in their order un atream in iccürdanoJ Uh Vh T at the Utlet of the drain WÍU be let pertaining to said drain, in the office of the Co Snty Drain CommissToner tn h T now on file with the other papers terested, and bids will be made and received accordinrfy Contráete vM Ú l ■llli'1 may be had b? a11 P=TtieÍ iuadequate security for the performance of the work, in a sua Then ai % thlrl lïï fl l0W6St re8Ponble bidder giving after Iaifi or at such other time and place thereprieed withir, the "The Augusta Central Drain 'Ö A8Se8Sment DÍHpT8 benefits and the 1:lnds c'"frommne o cleck n the forenoon until flve o'clock in the afternoon D8t"?t. will bo subject to review for one day. Drain TvS the Special A8aessinent District of gaid east quarter Section 10 except 1 acre on southeast corner Secüon 16 25rJrff f ,' "" f "ortheast of "- ter Section 16 4o acres east half of northeast quarter Seotio ' 1 ut,' 1 10"al so"tbo;lat 4uarter of southeast ,illarwest quarter Section 15 Lot No. 5 on southeast "qUarto ó? northo Xu, u,Z SpM f T% Á Dorthest quarter sout 1 - ion IC bounded north by Gable, east by section Une soutn bv R R wit lw 1 inrTfn qULrter of tteJt quarter Secby Mej.r, et bv larf „, Kli, S i„-S'ty w E, ..Sn'Z f ,";'th?ï" '""'" S" L taSSSï5S by Lawson, east and south R. R„ west bv section Une W Tn 1 ftquarteF: "Southwest quarter Section 15; bounded north Dated this 18th day of July, A. D. 1898. r t r DANIEL W. BARRY, Lounty Drain C ommissioner of the County of Washtenaw.


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