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Jack Sheehan--life Saver

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While John V. Sheehan. the eloquent Washtenaw disciple of Don M. Dickinson, spends most of his time in saving the wreek of Clevelandism, he can spare time when occasion requires to perform other services of a humane character. A large party visited Whitmore Lake Sunday. They tüok a ride on the little steamer and landed on the doek at the northern end of the lake The frail doek was not equal to the emergency, and, like the political prin ciples to which Sheehan has devoted so much valuable but unavailing service took a lurch to one side and immersed the occupants In the crystal waters o the lake. And here is where Sheehan established his claim to fame. He i an expert swimmer and this was hi opportunity. So skillfully did he se about the task of saving the arowning women and chüdren that he soon had them all safely moored in shallow water, and thenceforth was the hero of the hour. The men doffed their hats to him. The ladies threw bouauets at him. And the maidens visd with each other in doing him honor. And tlie name of Sheehan will always be rememberert in connection with what might have been, but for his timely assistance and nerve, a sad accident. J. H. Miller, who has op-ened a ! mission house at Newport News, has ■svritten home that he conteinpia+eb j taking a trip to Germany. While looking over the books yesterday Deputy City Clerk Will Carpenter found that Clark Cornwell was the flrst one to connect his residence with the waterworks, when it was put in. "How high did the thermometer get at your place yesterday?" asked a chronlcler of events of a Washington st. resident. "Why, now, blamed me if I know," was the prompt reply. "It run up, and frothed and sizzled and finally began to boil out of the tube, and then I saw at a glance, that if that mercury should spread itself and make a looking glass out of my favorita tree, our lady roomers would monopolize that shadj the rest of this summer; and so I just took the thing and carri-ad it down cellar. It's safe to quote it, though, at a "110."


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