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How Justice Is Dispensed In Leadville

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Having sorrp delieaey in guiug back to atttmd the Monday session of Judge Stansell.'s couit, and Uunkiug the Judg-e bad lnucUy rceovered from hiedissiputiön on .S.itürday, the Réveille nuin at last summoned courage to nmke the start, first having shaipeued his Faber back about onti inch and preparad himself vvitli a largo folio. On entering the vestibule! efore entering the inner court, the 7ïvj7,'t man ssw sóraethlng in the simpe of twolargB y.ellow leather saddlo skirts- Virfiiuiiv Btyle- Diovhig about like tUe pad.lli-s in ui over-shot raill wheel, ovur a large pile of all sorts of papers. G izitig i'riterifty for a few raóments, he discovered thut, it was only the jvlflgtó's ears, and that he was assorting his papujs for the inorning conclave. Having gotten tho drunks all in one pile, all the vags in another, and tho miscelUneous in a third, the jndge stroked bis beard' sdveral times in rauid sucoession, touzzled his hair, took a largar ohew thau usual, then went before the small minor behind the clerk's desk and practiced his facial features for fivo minutes to look tho disdainful and authoritative. Fteling that the judicial togs was now fully on, ho took his seat with all the alisterity of aDutch schoóliuaster, Jakeon shtiug, with a languid look, close by his t-M,'. Tlu iti.liï then unclasped the register aiid passed along down it3 pairos his inctex-finger, resembiing 11 liith, and théh readjüsting lus, glasses, asked laoksonif tljey ere ready to proceed. Jackson answered affirtu itively. ïlie storm began to ruit.o in the judge's face ; the lightning flash f rom his eyeU, r.d he tbunderpd out in a tone of official authority and eommanded the otUcer to bring forward the "prisonerp." 2Uiokly obeying the mandate of that tribuna), the officer rushed in the firstcliiss und reported that they were ready to recite their mornin lesson. [There i'ollows the narnes of those fiued and atnouut of finos.l Here the clerk cried out exceedingly loud for clerical aij, and ruiming hi"s experiencod eye up the column found that he rocorded twenty three üfteeadollur fines, aggregating $345, and all these had been run thruugh the justice machine in one brcath. Thejudge then hSbded Jackson th green cowhido, and told him to begin at the head of' the class and whip eiich one on the lega and cut the raw hide on their ribs till they paid. Then the boys begun to get down into their jeans and hustle lively for the little lucro No. 15. It carne out in nearly every case, and they were in a great hurry about it, too, for well they rememberad the terror of that ' little intimidatur" wheu they wore tow shirtg below their knees. The judge smiled profusely, and thought the plan an admirable one and worked like a cbarm. He proposc-s to keep it up and piy off the city ctebt and build a court-house.


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