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One Way To Train A Child

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Tl'p following scène was enacted not ■'. n :i summer boarding■, the tiiin board paftitions of which forced the occupants of adjoining rooms to hear mach of tho sayings and doinjjs of their neighbors. Liltle boy, six years old, who was being dresged in the early morning; the mother still asleep. Litlle boy - "Mamma, mamma, rn-a-a-ma, I am goifig to have a stick o, citndy." Mother (half awake) - No, no." Little boy - "Yes, I am, Mamma Smith." Mother-" Didn't I teil you no?" Little boy - "iiut I will, Mamma Smith." Mother - " Well, now, you sha'n't." Little boy - "I will." Mother - "You won't." Littlo boy- ' Yes, I will." Mother - "No, you won't." Little boy (with deterniination) - " ï'm just a-going to get a piece out of tho bar." Mother (now thoroughly aroused) - "Maria, hand me my slipper. Now,'' (to the boy) "come here, sir; ' 1" 11 show you whether you are going to mind me or not." Little boy-" I won't," Mother - " Come here, I say." Little boy - "1 shan't neith'er." Tlien follow8 a prolouged and difSCTüt olíase around the room, but tiie mother linally captures liim and administers a sound spanking with the slipper, which elicits a series of uneanhly howls from the child. The exhausted mother then throws down. her weapon of warfare with, "Now, I guess you'll learn to beaave yourself." The boy continúes to scream to the full extent of his langs, still keeping up his refrain, " i will have some candy, Mamma Smith, I will." Jrfcrtner- " Stop your noise, I teil yon." Little boy (louder and louder) - "1 WilliwilliwilÜwiiliwilliwilliM i!i.'' Mother - "Oh, dear, what an overlasting torment you are! Maria, hand me that bag of eandy. There, take that and go out of this roota, I M'on't hare you here anothcr minute." The noise suddenly ceases. The ehild takes his oaiidy and p;oes on the pm.rza, where in the cool, quiet morning heeats nad meditates. Ah, what does ho ti'ink? Will the lesson of this day helphim to be a good man? In he trained up in the way he Uiould go? Aud that mother! is she not sowing the wind, and may she not reasonably expect to reap the whirlwiadr-


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