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There is great variety and individualïty of tastes shown in the styles of hairdressing, yut three kinds of coiffure most generally prevail. First among these is tho clmtclaine of two loops, which is so becoming to slender oval íaces. ïhis is made of two very thick braids, plaited each in three tresses, and: aftcr boing tied very high, allowed to fal' in two loops behind. ïms ia accorupanied by a waved bang on the forehead i:3iially, though soms ]r„di2S find a straight bang, like a fringe, more easy to manags in the hot dayaof midsummer. A cluster of three to five sinall pufte or elso two long loopa of hair are placud at the top oí the ohatelains. To make thia coiffure more dressy a serpentine knot of hair ig used instead of the pv.Ü3 that have been worii so long. Thia is cf a saja.ll switch of hair siaiply tied in a loóse knot, ml wort dirés'tly on top of Ihe liend. For raristy'3 ?, 'ow of hir mv.y be m:ide oí this Ewïteh, or elaa a gr.y Alsaeian bow of ribbon may be asud I.adlea wltli fuil round íacs.i uta the high coiüure. Thei baok hair is eombed straight ïip frcm the napa of the neck, that abo'it th-5 temples is carried back to. meet it, acd the whole is massed in two er thïee lor.g puö, orin a serpentina knot, i:ito vh':ch a comb, or dagger, or trident of tijrtoiso-shell or silver, or gold, is thrust so that 'ooth ends show. The front hair shows the partiïig down to tje iorehecd, and falls in little crevaeceur half rings on the sides, or else it Í3 parted oa the left sido, and throvn up ii l'oinpadcur iashiou in the middla. Gold-headed pins are wora stüeic in dark coiË'urcs to the extent oí si or eiglit There ave also many suis cornos wcrc; vhen these are of goïd, with beaUs Lor headins, they are as of ten stuck in the front of the dark pufis as In feo tides; when of shell, i'aey are worn on the sidos to keep the hair back. A ffreat deal of bandolina is used to pasto down tüe curves and looks aboufc the tsmples. Invisible n&ts are also very useful for both the irout and the back hair. The third fashion ia the siraplo classic coiffure, with the Greok coil vsry low at the back, whilc thu front ia plainly parted, and perhapo slrghtly waved, or else the hair just above the forehcad and temples is aliowrd to íall ia short curves. Tho low coil is first braided in a plai; of threa tre3fes. Thi' requires very littls hair; bat tha head should fcs finelv r.!vaped, r.s this severo stv'a cisoiosts iLs entirs outline. Ladio3 with blondo hair use dark turkxjj-saell pins in otar or Margrueí-ita shapa, ivhile the silver ornamects are prelerreö by bronettea. Flowera, so elaboratoly wora on bal] dresses, tre very alighüy i.-pre3onted m tiie coSure. A small boucuat is on one side, or perhaps on top just in frcr.t of the puffs, and r, trille toward the lefi. J.f the flowars ara artificip.l, tbey iua L.uKioï,ime3 ast i a it)satte cf; bat this musí bs carc.'ully fdoue, or it will look too much liko a cap. Tho ailk turbang are no longer worn, ór aS least ihoy are aid aeide ontil winter. Natural flov.ers are more worp j ;.aeo, and u !■".:. èvërj whieh ahe wsars ilovers. Divisies are worn by reany; minosette ie large clusters accompanics every oo3tume worn by a protty blondo; and pansie are chosen by a refined derci-blonds who delights in eoru, mauva and taasüo gray


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