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Duty As Rose Terry Cooke Sees It

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Some of you appear to doubt if you can dooide for yourselves what your vocation in life is. Do not hurry. "Dotlieduty that lies nearest thee: the rest wil) follow." Learntodo well the simplest, cotnmonest things; these al) fit you for the future. And do not, aboye ui!, f all iuto that silly, childish cant of hating "liuty," and doing things only for "love." It is the fatal wprtkiiess of these days that love is exalted, not merely above but in place of all other virtues; that selfdenia), self-oontrol, courage, endurance, are iill set aaide for the sake of love, wiiich is perverted to mean indolence and seli-mdulgenoe. ïhis is not the love of the Bible, but a counterfeit weakness out of whieh spring ovils innumerable, even in the very bosom of our homes and churohes. Duty is tho very breath of God and the outcome of love to Him, as surely as warmth is born of fire. Adhere to this, and the path of life will unfold before you and the voice of the Lord say to yoursouls: "This is the wayj walk yein it." And by duty I do not mean great action, guffering, or sacriüce, but the petty detail of daily life; patienoe with nbisy, quarrelaome, perverso ehildren; obedienee to parents; devotion to the comfort and pleasure of those about you; attention to your own health, temper and appöarance; a study of economy and neatness in the houschold; and, when the in-door' s duty is done, there remains always some lonely person to visit and cheer, some kindly, neighborly act to perforna; some church-work to help in. Be faithful over these few things, Mary Ann, and the work of youv hfe will find you out in good time and welcome you. - Sunday Aftcrnoon. - The Western Sural recommer.ds the growing ot cranberries in the garden. A pound of bone-dust to the square yard is themanure. " lnApril May or June, or in Ootober and No vember, set the plants four inches apart in rows six inches asunder in beds four feet wide. Two square ro(J& yield four or flve b'jshels, and require 2,000 plants. The vines will soon cover the ground and require no renewal, as the plant is a perennial shrub."


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