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The Country School-house

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I Hie Bchool-honao stood beside ttaeway, : A Bbftbby building, oM and gray, With ratUinsr snyh, and loose-hungdoor, And roügh, uneven walls and lioor; And v.-hv the titile homespun crew [t ga h ■ ■ une waj 8 more blost Than others you vvould ecarce have g'uesscd II is a secret knov, n to Cew. FU teil yon. The blffH-road tay Strotehed nll Rlong i be townshíp bilí, Whenoe 1 1 broad lauda sloped eittier wny, And sraíiing up did strive to lili At r w ind iw, 'vc-y tioor, The school-honse, with t ha t gradous lore Tliat God's falr world wouid lain instiil. Po softly, quietly it carne, Tho cb fiaron never knew iís name; li various, unobtrusfve looks Tbey oounted not aa studjr-books; ái yet tbey could not Ufi an oye Froin play : labor, dn amily, A nú not lind wrlt in sweetest spoccb The i ndcr lessons it would teach: 1 Bü gentle. chüdren, bravu and truc, Am! kuow tlíerreat God loveth jou." CnJy the U Rher, wi3e oí' hoart, Divitied the landscapes blessod art; And wheu she feit f he lag1 and stir Of heryounffidlcrs frettity? her, Out-glaiioing o'er i be meadows wide, The ruflliní; oods, the ar bi I Bík drew i'rebh breath of God's freegraco i ;-t (■ tok carae ín her face, 1 1.. ;, ■. n i own ín whleh the freat world sang lts song - "Bc cheerful, pattent, still and str


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