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Ann Arbor City Markets

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Carefully Kevised Wcekly liy the PublUher. ANN ArboE, Jan. 29. A mud embarco has been placad on wheat and Httle is arriving. It mattars not, however, for the price is falling ia consequenee of a stagnation of the cereal. "Warehouses, vessels, and the big granarles both in the east and -west are full to overBo-wing. The outlook is not clieerful for those holding stock. Our dealers are orïering $1. 18dSl:0. Clover seed is lo"wer - $4'a$4.25. 1'ork brings $5. Mutton bas taken a big jnmp and soarce at 7 cents. Beef bas advanced to $5@Ü5.5O. Turkies 10, ehkkens 8 cents. KETAIL BATK8. Beans- 5c per quart. Bran - 70cts per bundred. Bntter- 22c. Cheese - 15e. Corn - 30c ear ; shclled 55c. (Jorn Meal- Coarse 1.16; Ï2 bolted. Era- 20o. Flour- 7. Patent íS9.M peí barre'. Gronod Feed- $1.10 pep huudredor$16 per ton. lliims - Sugar cured 12c. llominy - 4c per lb. Lard- 10c. Oats- 85c. OiUtneal- 1(ffi5c. Potatoes - Bo. Pork - ftesh O;iSe; snit 8a10c. Balt- Onondaga$1.76,Saglttaw$1.65,Coar86$2.26. Rhonldera - 7c. Tallow- 6c,


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