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Real Estate Transfers

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W AERAN TT. Roxana LeBftron and others to Wm. '. McKendry. 62 acres in York. Conideration $900. E. L. Bickford to Gottlob Ilertler. 41 icres in Pittsfield. Consideration $7110. Celinda K. Glover to Stephen Smith, 'resident of cemetery association.- .and in Lodi. Consideration $5. Jas. J. and F. O. Bailey to Ilarriet iailey. Dexter village property. Consideration $500. Christian Schwab to Ilenry Schwab. 74 acres in Bridgewater. Consideration $3000. M. L. and A. T. Freeman to Leroy reorge. 95 acres in Manchester. Consideration $6,880. Barnabas Case to George Lockerby. klanchester village property. Consideration $200. Chas. Rominger to Christian Lam jarth. Land in Lodi. Consideration 52,100. Daniel Hartón to AlexanderMamock. 7 acres in Lyndon. Consideratton$3,$50. J. B. Gilman to Thos. J. Farre!.- Manchester village lot. Consideration Francia Ileaih to Chas. Haröey. Ypsilanti city property. Consideration 5100. Ebenezer Steele to John II. Lawton. Land in Northüeld. Consideration $1,000. Frederick Moeckel to John Joos. - Land in Lima. Consideration $4,800. A-Ugusta Comstock to Wm. B. Meyer. Kleven acres in Sharon. Consideration $562,50. George Clarken to John Cannan Ann Arbor city property. Consideration $4000. Hichael Weimer tp Jacob Laubengayer. Land in Scio. Consideration- dollars. Wm. Ilenry Lacy to AVilmer T.Losee. Land in Augusta. Consideration $250. Mary Exinger to John C. Grace. Ann Ai 'oor' city property. Consideration $150. Alice M. Eisden tdiEmil A.Nordman. 80 acres in Pittsfield. Consideration $2.750. Lucy W. S. Morgan to Tlannah A. Wilkinson. Ann Arbor city property. Consideration $500. Lucy W. S. Morgan to Edwin R. ('iirtis'. Ann Arbor city property. Consideration $500. ('has. l'owell to Lester S. Pryor. Land in Ann Arbor town. Consideration 1,500. QUIT-CXAIM. Francés A. White to John W. Reeve. One-fourth interest in land in AVebster. Consideration $500. Timothy Wallaceto Abram Wallace. 60 acres iñ Lodi. Consideration S348G.04. Selina Bnnüng to Michael Weiner. 2 ftcrea in Scio. Consideration $2860.50. Ilenry B. GardnertoMichael Weiner. 2 acres In Scio. Consideration $786.68. George Button to A. II. Busenbark. 50 acres in Ann Arbor town. Consideration SI.