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Real Estate Transfers

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Alpheus Felch to Isatic N. Demmcm. Pareéis of land in Aun Ari,or. Consideration $4050. Richard Alcliin to Cyrus B. Malta. Land in York. Consideration S:!0. Thomas Davis to Caleb Harrmgton. 20 acres in York. Consideration $716. " Jacob Ftelber to Barbara E. Fwiber. Manchester village lot. Consideration Alonzo H. Smith to Lee L. Forsyth. Yptilauti city property. ConsideraUon $ Maria Btótodell to George Oversmith. 10 acres in Bridgewater. Consideration StOt). __ . JohnS. ITotrura to Geo. llotruin.-75 arres in Saline. Consideration siX)ü. Lucinda Ropera to Patrick Hoy. 1 acre in Scio. Consideration $60. Nelson J. Alport to De Vincey anti Carrie Alport. Land in Webster. ConBideration f 500. David K. Dixon to George raylor. ea village lot. Consideraüon Sl,' Al ('red Roe to Jas. L. Ilobbs. Lot in Vork. Consideratkm $50. Jas. L. Hobba to Cyrus B. Maltby. i arrfl in York. Consideration $75. John Oliver lo Cyrus J5. Maltby. i acre in York. Consideration $76. C A Busenbaik to N. K. Sntton. 45 acres in Northfleld. Consideration 2,00 üoo Button to N. E. Button. 80 acres in Northfleld. Consideration $3,200. Addison Fletcher to Fred E. Reese. 10 acres in York. Consideration $1,000. W. II. Ellis to Belgram ]5yer. Land in Saline. Consideration $1. QUIT-CLAIM. John Karr to Netoqn Bogers. 88 acres in Northflp.ld. Consideraïion $76. W II Cook to Amanda A. Cook. Parcela of land in Northfleld. Consideration SI. Geo. W. Slayton to Chas, rieming 80 acres in Ypsilanti. Consideración Chas. Fleming to G. W. and M. Slay ton. 80 acres in Ypsilanti town. Con stderation $1. _. Margaret II. Tripp. to Geo. O. Idc, acre in Ann Arbor city. Consideraron $500.