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Real Estate Transfers

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Stephen Voorheis to Andrew J. ■'t. Land in Superior. Consideration $2,500. Frank and Andrew Spriitgstead to Ilenry Robson. Ypsilanti city propery. Consideration $850. Andrew i. Leetcta to Benj. S. Vooïleift. Land in Superior. Consideraion Sl..-,(HI. Lois Lutch to Andrew J. Lcef L,and in Superior. Cousideration $2,Ü0. B. S. Voorheis to Andrew J. Leetch. Land in Superior. Consideration $2,00. Emory B. Voorheia to Andrew .T. jeetch. Laadin Superior. Coosiderition $2,500. Ralph S. Voorheis to Andrew J. Leetch. Land in Superior. Considerition $2,500. Patrick Donovan toPatriekDonovan. 9 acres in Xorchfleld. Consideration $1000Hart M.Goodell ti Andrew J.TIuston. 16 acres in Superior. Consideration f775. Elisha Jones to Flavina J. O-omstooït. 80 acres iu Salem. Consideration $2,500. Noab n . Cheever to John M. sinter. Ann Arbor city property. Consideraion $500. J. Gottlieb Fucbs to Miehael Schneiler. 80 aeree in Seio. Consideration $2.100. BosweU íioodell to Chas. F. Iloncrlity. 1 acres in Aun Albor town. Consideration - Lucy W. S. Morgan to Ilannali A. Wilkinson. Ann Arbor city property. Consideration $150. Willard Parker to John H. Sflnvalm. Saline vülage lot. Consideration $2000. Steven V. Hitcheock to ,Jcsst E. Finener. 40 acres in York. Consideration $1000. W. H.Mansfleld to Daniel B.Babcock. Land in liridgewater. Consideration $275. Mary A. Stoner to Wm. II. Manafleld. Land in Bridgewater. Consideration $235. Christian Unterkircher to John Jacob Walter. 10 acres in Sharon. Consideration $17& Natbau ii. llcnwick to Sarah A. Renwick. Land in Northfleld. Consideration $1. Francia oodruff to Arotus Dunn. Aun city property. Considera350. Frank A. Smith to Smith & Keal. Land in Scio. Consideration $600. Catherine Brenner to Fred Laubengayer. LandsinLodi and Scio. ('onsideration $2325. Jane Rowley to Andrew J. Leei Land in Superior. Consideration Ormond.S. Burt to Mary A. White. Vpsilanli city real estatel Consideration ióOO. QriT-CLAI.M. Jennie 11. Wallace to Wilson II. Berdan. Saline village lot. Consideration $10.81 and dower interest. Gilbert P. Woodruff to Loyal Lovejoy. 20 acres in Augusta. Consideration $200. Jesse Scott to John P. MarWe. loo aeresin.Dexter. Consideration $10,152.32. Christina Strieter to J. Fred Vogel. Interest in land in Freedora. Coniideration $1. Bridget O'IIara to Michael O'IIara. 112 acres in Webstor. Consideration $400.