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r. Eldridge of Flintwill conduct (Ik. i'Xiiminaüim of the homeopathie fffuati'gclbsa in obstétrica commenceül,il weck. Chas. W. Tufts of the senior class )fB beea engaged as principal of the dieboysan Wis., schools at $1,200 a year. -In au article on "American colleges and Gierman universities," by Kichard T. Ely, in theJuly numberof Harper's Magazine, the writer says, "To learn wliat a wise system of state action can do, we have but to look to Michigan, whoae educational system, onding In tlie university at Aun Albor, is an honor lo the country." -Tlit! concert to be given on jIonday evening by the Univoraity Musical Society and Choral Union is one of the attractions of commeneement week. Mot only are onr citizena gure of an joyable evening,from theproofs airead] giren by tliis issociation of its full ability to please any critical audience, but it is understood that tliis concert is given for the benefit of the able conductor, Mr. O. 15. ('idy, who lias been laborlng faithfully and successfully during ivhole year and sofar lias reoeived no other reward than the high esteera of all who know him. - The appointmentof Dr. O'Neil to suceeed to the vacaucyofhoraesurgeon of the University hospital created by ;he resignation oí Dr. Alexander Maolean, is helieved to be due to him on account of long services in that departnciit. and would prove a meritorious recognition of a capable and faithful subordínate.


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