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The Years Are Passing By

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The yc.irs are lossing hyl V walcli, as from BVn t!'or. Their passage throi'ï'l Tin's corridors Each shaduw, „ ia falling, slopes Aeross Uie irraveof Uuried hopes; The jnilsu of befngr slowcr beats Xhrough wiuier's siioiy through Sumí heats, ■Anl faith :u" hope and love grow colU A we grow old- a we groir oldl XUe yean are ïiasaing byl The years are passing byl Time' record hath such pnges blurred Wjtblias'.y deed, wlth bittor word; Buch sad mistakes mark all life's yeari Weecarce can read because of tea; We see dead faces on the walls, We bar dead voices in the halls, We toucli sonie hands on bcnded knco, e kis.s sinne Ups we c.mnot see - The years are passing byl The years are passing byl They earry with themas they go The rain, the sunshlue, and the snow; They kvie bcliinl the drift of days Wherein eacfa soul some penanre ]ays; Some hopea we have, but not our own, Some loves we cheri&h, not alone; And there are leaves and f:i eil lïowera Tliut tel] sad tales in ñiemorieá hours, The years ure passing byl The years are passing byl The seal of silence on our lips Weoloaer presa, liins's umbra rlipa To deeper darkness down the lane Througli which we walk to hld our pain. We smile aml sniile as one wlio beara A life untouched by grief oreares, But when in solitnde we wait, AVe bow our licau at sorrow's ?.ito. The years are passing byl The years are pfissinp; byl Another joins the passing band! Oh, is there not soir.e otlier land Where compeneation lor all ills The measnreof Ufe's belng mis? We wait the answer, but in vain, The shadow fallí, a sense of pain liests on ns whereso'or we go 4.ud wbispers of the sod and snow. The yeai'S are passing by!


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