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The siieeessi'ul oxpedition of Profossor Noi'denskjold bas proved tfaat the shores ol' tüe Ai'ctic sea are not so inhospitable as luis been geuerally supposed. Perhnps tho most interastin oí the minor disüovoi'ies made by tlio learned explorei' is the finding' of a uew remedy ayuinst the dread uf a,l Barigatoi'8 aud "ílie particular scourge of ai'otio expeditioiis - uainely, scurvy. It appeari that there was nul, a singlo c:imo ot' this distütüe duriug tlie wliulü voyae ; uad this reuiark.ible lact is iluo, nol to t.he cmploymeut oí' liiuc-jiuce, and other áncUsoorbmioa in ordinarv use, but to til use ot' a curieus little bcn-y, hitherto uui'eoognized, pvuduceil ly a [il uil vrliiuh tin is au cpheriaoral existeuce in the suovv and ice duviug Lhu short, ircue sninnier. - Tlie bewies are fuuud in great abi-ndance, and u.n suid to bo i iavurito IVuit willi sumo oí th na uve of the Jfroai icc world. Ju Üiivar resoombles that oí' raspberry, bul is more acid. The mode 01' prepamtion adopted ou the voyayo of tlie Yega was to dry the becries and tlien preserve tiiein in the milk of tlie reindcer, wlikh was then aliowed to iiveze. In tiiis sliite tlio fruit can be preeerved tor aniudeliuitó i periodr ' I I


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