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The taiuitlon of tho rral cfnfp, of Mnino ii 9222,338,854, not incindina 1 the wiM rnated to be wortli tujr.c O-j,!) ,000 more. Alabnrnn pspwis one morpivprospnt-fitives in CoHirnsa under tlie apportiotiniriit. thiu w'iW foliow tho takhig of the present censu-. Eoberf G. Srymour i thp imito ofa TJoston clergyinnn wlio introducid Beechcrtoan audience as "the genius aext to Shftkspeare." -An Anirricnn hiííori?.n is fxyw eojoiiriiiirz in Geno for tlie purpose of obiaiiiiiitr oriüiml docuwwmti in rogard to the genealoiff of Columbus. Tlie Gold fevor is 9prprv1'nrrin Goorgia,espeoinlly in White Coiinty. ■whfrc ore is found in nuggets. Oiir weit;'h in ■' 10G peiuiywcijlits has beeu obtiiincd. A I'rospont (Coiin.) cow lm.9 prodneed a oíilí'tlmt has no tnil or innications ofone, aii. i whoso hoofs on ñ-ont atid liind lega are tlie saine, all tuniing eutward. Tlie proorrPss of Mn ni toba is shoTrn by custom-honse statUtics, tlie trnde of tii b province haring increased $1,832.(.'92 in 1872 to au estimateil total of S 5,450,000 in 1880. Tlie Pope has issneá an order tlocreeingthe formotion ofan ecclesia ti. cal eonimission to investígate tho apparations at tlie church of Knock auJ report upon the sanie. _ The Medical society of South Carolina lias ulopied a strong protest against the pa8Bag of the Harria, and Auklen bilí enjarging the authoi-ity of tlie National Board of Health. The traiulation of European rorks into Chinese is now being systematically un.leituken by tlie professors uid pupila n the Colleja for the Study of Foi-eigu Lauguages, at Peking. Two girls at a Cincinnati board i ngschool, though of wealthyand reputable paren tage, stole $70 worth of books froni the líbrary, sold theiii for $lö. and spent tho nioney for candy. Ole Bul], now living at Cambridge, has iinported four Noi-wegian ponies, the unir ones in the country, one of which, a haodsome ítalliou, is valued at, $2,000, aaJ. tije othera at a $l,U00 eacli. Tlie total bonded debt of Richmond, Va., is $i,44.:,000. Tlie ftssessed v lus of the real estste of the city is $28,0U0UuO. The charter allovvs the city to borrow an aniount eciual to is" per cení of this valuation. Uiuler the new law in Mistissippi couvicts seut tothe penitentiary for a period of ten yeai's er mora must rei..:un withiu :!iü wails oí Llie buLUliii"1 instead 01 boing employed, as beretofore, on vrotis ouUiuu oï the ivaüs of tiie building, A Baltimoro family rocontly fonnd enuugh oxilTíc acl i to kill a regiment in tlieir Hiilk pail, whioh had been leit m the door as usual over night for uie uiifkjnan io lii!. Fortanately, at the lirst sip a peculiar favor was' deteuUhi, anu iiuuii oí' thu unh was used. mué Va. ley has considera ti y decliiied ihe p:st two Or three yeurs, but tlie tourist ticket ageuciM oí Sun Francisco report that, aocordin o present imüoaiions, the rush tuis íüusuu will oe uuprecedouted. Túe Temiesfcoo Ilistriouic Socioty ha uu urtued some depositioilS taken Oefure ilie late David Grockett, and iu lúe haiidwritiug of the ecoentric colone!, wüo is said to have wriilen a good s liaud ns must politioinn, and üeiur ihau the average laruvsror lawjcer. rhilailelphia proposes to put some of its convit;L8 to work cleauing its streets, and expeotg to make a savinjf oí' at íeast $10U,UUO por year. TUo work i to be dono at nilu, and three j huudfed ininates of the ilouse of Correction, vith tweuty extra guarda are tu do u. Mr. Gladstone, in takin upon himtelí tho dutisa aud responsibilitics of tho olhcoa of Fir9t Lord of tlio Treas ury and Ciiancellor of the Exchequer, foliows un exaiuple set by sevcral of hia predecessors in Dorning street. The two posts were held siniultaueously by vValpole, Stanhope, Pelham, Grenvilie, Pitt, Addiugton, I'erctival, Canninx, and by Peel iu ia34and 1035. Mr. Gladstone himsolí', also, at the cluscoihiá last adnnnistraüon, acted as liis owu Cuaucellor of the xohequer. In the outskirts of New Oi'leans lives an oíd man wiiosc only coinpanions are spiders of every ihape and hue. líe ñas never Mteiupted au accurate census, uut he believeü tliere aro live or six huuared oí' thuni, and the ceiling of lus two rooms aru coinploteiy hiddea by the webs which tiiey liave spun. i'or tho most part these stmnjju pets make tlieir own livinu-, but occasionally tlie oíd man Uirows a handiul of üies into the meslies of tha innumeraoie webs, aud ilelij;ULs lo sce me spideri glido aloug tne gossamcraudsüwe tiieir struggliníf V.CUU18. Baroii de Lcsseps' lecture on hia rcturu to Paria a remarkable one. lie used a magic lanteru wliich exhibited views íroui tho coast oí' Panama to a New YorK lerry-boat. "Do you daré to hint," lie askod, "that Ihu Panama canal route runs tlirough any uiihealthy country? Look uure!" aud lie presented lo the audience a darkeyod, laugUiug beauty - a Panama angel, vv uom one oí tne Bttron'g eugineera UaU married. "Do you thaik tliat ao unhoailhy country c.iu produce sueh beuysasthis'í" Xuo liflttíuer applauúeJ. to tne echo. Jlr. Glailstone Í3 crodited by the Paris Figuro with ohiefly eatiny fish, fcbtícause liie dietstiuiutates tne braiu." lie lilsowise "lakes two glasses oí' Üordeatix, becauso tliat wino is a lontc oí the cervical maUer. lie takes ouo gl.iss of port, because that is the oralor's wiua. -Mr. Gladstone, it will bu seen, is lo,4Ícal even iu his modus vivendi. ün Suudays lio reads the lea sons oí tíie Prusbyteriau riteat cliurch. Peóple go lor live leagues aroiuid lo hem' his souorous voice. Aílerward he puts on his stout wooden soled boots, with uaila as big i thoso on oíd chui'cli doors, takesan axa, and the exprime minister becomes a woodcuttr." m # _ Tho aêsee=oiJa valuation of tho ron] and persou:il uroperty oí Bntfalo for 1880 is í-.i.-j i-..::.'.i, au Inoiease oí $'J3,U1U írom last year, _ Tlie debt oí New York city, accordbig to the eomptroller's last report, is $';t;,r,y;.:i,u 6, lesa .:;;', t-v:),!)57 74 n the siiüvin . fund, leaving the net $iu:!,ii:.:;.) a2. Bonds to theauiount ot $7,'.i...',.i.j) have boen is=ued since the bezinning oí the ycur.


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