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Qiinntifiei of tiny jrrcrn bugsnnd bftotlt's are piacml ainom the fcathor and ilowei-.i that trim chip b miiHs. The fiishion qf makinij the rntire basques oi'a different uibric to that of the Bkirt and iu drapeiies preraili this seitóon. Figurèd sllks of light qnality, jroended in gay Japancsc colors md dosig'n3, aro to be used for draperie ovor skirts of pbiin bmitiiix. Iinitation or half roal Mochlin or Mnlines lace is boïiiii larely iinportoil and rill lo the rival of tho [trotón, liAllguedoc, and poiut d'csprit hics oí lust spring. The Oriííiilal lookinf oil calico3 haring, a black gromul caverod with Japaiiese designs in bright co!o"s, vill bo usod for basquea and. drayorics over black silk 8 kirt. Handsome brooaded ttooI have delicate tintcd gFouoci - catiwo, sulinon, cream. and sUy-blue - wliilc the brocadc.l figures are of satiu in du 11 red, o!d gold, hcliotropc, nud aapphire blue. Amoni,' t!ic (Vinner dresses of pleaiïng fasliion is the merechale, eompoM'd Of black gvös-graitt and brocado, and elabórate! y trimmed with chcnille, jiasscmontaries, bcadoJ fringa. Kevers lined with satin or cream tint pass down eitlicr side of the Bkirt, the back drapery of which terminotes in train. T!ie basque bodice, cut in postillion styln, glipten under a weightof jetted fringe. A wtlking costume whioh has trac teil atteiition, froia tiio pocuiiar character oí' the fabric, is a brocada with ground-work delícatcly tinted and overlakl with designa in rlch bnt harmoniona colors, and marte witli a doublc-brcasted, cutmvay coat. The cantátrice, mother street cosUinin, is remarkablo for the novel arrangement of the basque, which is iugenloiisly conti'ived to represent a triple waiatcoat. Ne-vT colors in millinery aro introduced under the suggestivo ñames of pbeasant brown, Iaaoolle yellow- tlic historica! Spauish color- aud scvcri, shades haviug pnrple for their base, recallina the lilac, violet, and heliotrope. Xeglionis and Tuscaus, ■with other old-faslñoned gtca'VT-bonuetfc represent the Sjjriug millinery, and come, in sonie instances. in quaint shape.s, rcniindin.;? oiiu of pietures paiuted a ceutury ajo. The ludies' par excellence is in fine, light mixed or tint: L cloth. iinished " mi inner íxst tvviiled sük or saüu in popp flesh-colored pink, or peacouk The iulliicss at the baek U gathurud iuto a shirring, held by pondant corda ora belt. A round hood i gathered so as to forin a rulile, and a round pocket is suspended iVom t!ie sida bv tllick lilk eoi'ds, and has a rnlllc ;i. the top faced with silk like that ol the hood and sleevcs at the wrist. Tliis inner taciug, in vivid color, contcasts must beautifully with the soft vrool, and is repeated apon the inner i'roiits of the skirt to aáepthof soveral iuches. The English and Frcnch walking coals are out much on the saino principie as tbr soiiie seasona past, a little leugtUeiiing here and sloping tliere giviag them a coinpanuivcly huw cllbct; mixed and cheviot suitings divido i'avor with delicate drab cloths lor these necessary garmenta. _ The intiiUiUa and doiiöau-ïliaped visites are sonuewhat shorter than those woni in the Vrinuir, and ire ent with a different over tlie arm, which readers tiiein cooler and mure comfortable. Drab and brocho clothd, ■with elegant tïiuges to nuioii, a:-3 the wraps, whilo in black fabrica síUin de Lyon and heavy corded silks and brocados aro i'u. -..-- í o 'untii-inli Ijur tiroa-í i i-g' WL':ip.3, while camelas hair is stili ouo oí tiiu most i'avored textures for all ovdinarr purposes.


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