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Coniunceaieni ex i-cisea uegan on S;l1, aniinationof candidates for iidi ■s-'"lOn 'mlay afternoon Prof. D'Oopte dcüv, el the baecaliiureate sermón to atinclass: The real textöf s was, tliat the correct mission fe was to labor for the good and of otliers. aday was devoted to examination andidates for admission. In the Mlance was present io listen to tlie university Tuesday was fleld-day and animal meeting of the board of regenta. TUere was a full board procent, Dr. Frieze (JhifT as acting i resi lent. The Finalice Committee made a' special report and comparative stateof the amount of money recived and disbursed from Oie years 1876 and 1877 to and including the years 1S79 and 1880: 1S77. Amoviiit of money received during the year ending June 30, 1877, and balance ontinil $140,203 06 Amount diebursed 140,046 80 Balance on hand S 15G 97 Number of studente, 1,110. Avecage amouni paid by each, $25,85. 1878. Amount rooeived for year ending Jnne 30, 1S78, inelading balance on hand SI7t,8'27 65 Amount disbursed 104,715 66 Manco on liana 10,11189 Number of students, 1,238. A.verase amount paid by each,?33,07. 1S79. Amoiint received for year ending June 30, 1879. Inclndlng balance on haod $171, lis oo Amount disbursed 142,405 51 Tinlur.ce on Imnd $ 2S.7W 40 AniMiiiit n{ laboratory f ees 5,812 '28 Kumbcr of students, 1.376. Average amount paid by eacli, S36,28. 1880. Amount received for year ending June 30, 1SS0, including bulancc on hand S195.0S0 63 Amount disbursed 172,430 40 Balanee on hand $ 22,650 23 Apiounl of laboratory receiplf S,ü33 57 líuber of students, 1,430. Average amount paiilby each, 830,51. Tlie report shows the amount paid ach year. included therein for investiüons ordered by the board: 1876-7 $l,G63 40 1S77-8 3,710 86 1878-9 3,610 27 The following degrees were conf erred ipon the sradiiatinif classes of the vaimis departments named at the recommendation of their respective faculties: DEPAKTMENT OF LITERATÜRE, 8( ÜENCE AND THE A LtTS. Mining Engineer- John Ayres, Samtel !'. Deaumont, Frank P. Satterlee. Civil Engineer- Joseph A.Beaumont, Sdward 8. Davis, George L. Fisher, ücero I). Hill. Bachelor of Letters (Latin)- Ellen L. Clotlner, Thomas L. lleaton, Byron S. AVaite. Bachelor of Science- James R.Laing, Tefferson 11. Thomas. Bachelor of Philosophy - Josiah L. .mbrose, Mattie E. Arnold, Edward Ai. Brown, Charles II. Campbell, Kate E. Coman, Ismena Cramer, Jay JFuller, lilary Ii. Graham, Thomas C. Green, 'liarles S. Mitchell, Leroy S. Korton, ■ S. Richards, Samuel Martin Stocker, Charles C. Whitacre, John II. Willaix!, Challes M. Wilson. Bachelor of Arts- Orlando F. Barnes. 5e rge W'. Borden, John t. Brewer, [saac H. Bullock (deceased), Arilliam W. Cook, Lewis F. Cnlver, Charles L. Dubuar, .John T.Ewing, John A. Green, Frederick J.Gurnev, Norman W.IIaire, Wil! W. Eïannan, William Helmie, W. II. Iloney. James E. Ilunt, Ledru II. Hunter, William E. Jones, Peter, B. Loomis, Jr., Charles K. J,[c(iee, Carrie C. farish, Joseph W. Parker, Allen B. [, Albert J. Potter, Stella Prince, Frank F. Reed, Osman O. Seelye, Ed. S. Slierrill, Malcolm P. Thomas, Alice Van Housen, Lydia J. Van Housen, Edwin K. Whitehead, Max Zinkeisen. Master of Philosophy - Joseph I. Bab as A. Barnes. Master of Arts (on examinntion)- Arthur Vvr. Burnett, ("liarles II. Greathouse. Charles W.Hitehcock, Joseph W. Smith. Charles W. Tuf ts, Joel Q. Tyler, Ella C. Williams. Doctor of Pkilosophy - Barclay T. Trueblood. DEI'AltTJIENT OF jrEDICIXE AND SURGE RY. Doctor of Medicine - N. W. Andrews, les A. Babcock, Frank D. Baker, Fred Baker, José C. ]?arbosa, William T. Batterson, James A. Beebe,, Ralyh P. Beebe. Ebeuezer O. Bennett, Strong M.Bennett, Harían J. Brown, Ralph A. Browfo, Donald W. Campbell, John L. Campbell, William P. Carpender, William i i. Carrol!, ïhirza E. Clark, Granville J. Coller, Samuel L. Cook, Edward C. Davisson. Sarah J. Dean, David X. De Tarr, Chalmers M. Dickson, M. V. C. Doane, Wül T. Dodge, Ilenry M. Downs, Francés A. Drew, Reuben A. Dunkelberg, Orville S. Ensign, Charles A. Entrup, Mary C. Evans, Nellie W. Fairfleld, John C. Fleming, Chas. T. Fox, Bradí'ord S. Galloway, Francis Gardiner, Masón W. Gray, E. J. Groner, Albert A. Ilallock, Emily A. Hammond, Isaac M. Harrison, Orren B. Hayden, James D.Hillis, Mary A. Holbrook, Timothy L. Holland, William J.IIufT, Martha P. Hughes, Francis S. Huil. Louis F. IngersolL John S. Johnson, Frank C. Jones, Sarah F. Keniield, Vierling Kersey, Rufus R. Kime, Monis C. L. Kitchen, Orson F. Lewis, George A. Marietta, Willis W. Mather,Geor(?e ]5.McCollum, Walter S. Morden, Fatrick E. Nagle, John O'ÍIearn, Bethena A. Owens, J. II. üxner, Edgar A. Peck, Theodore C. PeterBpn, Alvan J. Rosenberry, Gerry W. Boss, Ellzabeth 8. Samm, Fred Schermerhorn, Perry Schoonmaker, Albert E. Schimmel, liobert Stevenson, Thomas J. Sxdllvan, Celia W. Taylor, Charles A. Terhune, John E.ïotten, Frank A. Towsley, Frank Vandawarker, John Van Der Lann, Ilii-am Walter, Griñ'y B. Ward, Prudence B. Warner, David E. Webster, Allen S. AVhetstone, George J. White, WilliamR. Whitelaw, Henry V. Wihlman, Anna M. Wilkin, Pierce E. Witherspoon, Ilarvey II. Ziegler. SCnOOL OF PHARMACY. Pharmaceutical Chemist - James B. Clark, C'lareiice A. Fellowg, Charles E. i Foote, Charles J. Gebauer, James F. ■ (eisler, Frank P. Clazier, John L. : Irwin, Eugene A. Lilly, George J. Lonstorf, Albert Manu, Frank N. Maas, Enoen 8. Marshall, Rollin S. McCulloch, Fred D. Merritt, Charles E. Payne, Fred. W. E. l'erry, J. Charles Reeve, Charles II. Rodi, Charles W. Teeter, Ferdinand Thum, Adrián II. ïodd, John B. Watson, Frank C. Wolf. HOMCEOI'ATHTC MEDICAL COLLEGE. Doctor of Medicine- II orace K. Brasted, Eljis C. Brown, Samuel A. Brown, i I i ram R. Clark, John B. Dodge, Amanda J. Evans, Pa&ick II. Evans, William A. Fwist, George E. Gray, R. Celia i íciiderson, Thomas J. Jackson, John J. Miller, Emma T. Schreiner, Emma Snyder, Emeline Tanner, Frank R. TimmBrman, Geneviove Tucker, Frank II. Tyler, Ashley J. Williams. TITE HOSPITAL. Dr. A. It. Wheeler, house snrgeon at the homoeopathic hospital, reportedthe number of patients tréated to be seventy; of which thirty-five are surgical cases; thirteen eye and ear; èight, diseasas peculiar to women and children; thirteen, medical. One patiënt had died. Two had been discharged aa incurable. The remainder had been cured or greatly beneüted. The report of Dr. A. C. Maclean, Iloinc Sureeon of the University pital, showed tbat the total number of cases treated at the clinic from October 1. 1879, to June 30, 1880, was 885. Of this number 392 have remained in the hospital for treatment. The cases reclasaifled as followa; Eye and eai 163; surgical 149; medical 4": diseasea peculiar to women 35. üf tbis uumber 4 have tlied. - XJie laboratory is to be enlarged by 11 io addition of one story. ïlie work will be done during tlie vacation. -Prof. 1). Maclëan leavesfor Europe on Baturday. -Prof. Hudson sails for Europe on Saturday next. -Prof. Dmister is engaged to deliver a four weeks oourse of lectnres at Dartmottth, X. II., college in August. -E. O. Bennett of this city has reoeived the appointment of house surgeon of university' hospital to succeed vacancy ereated by resignation of Dr. A. Maclean.


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