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- jirs. jdiin üDgsn or jwancueBiëi1 feil f rom a cherry tree sustaining severe in jury. - Tlie army worm has entire possessinn of a ten acre Beid belonging to Wm. üroves of Northfield. - The commissioner of hlghways of Ann Arbor township has completed a bridge aeross Fleming creek at Hawkin's sawmill at an expense of S240. It was built by Messrs. Parker and Brown of the above township. - The Manchester Enterprise thus appeals to local authorities: "Why under the sun don't the Board of healtta, of this village, have the village cleaned up. It is getting so that one has to hold his nose almost all the time. This hot weather must soon bring sickness to many families, if there is not a general cleaning np and a free use of disinfeetants." -The Ypsilanti Commercial says the Detroit and Butler road "cuts up our next Congressman Child's farm and buildings badly. Helias to move six barns and cut down a valuable orchard. lie is already engaged in this sad business. ]5ut Uien by about September lst, it is promised that he can step onto the cara at home and get over a large part of his district by rail." -The flsliiest kind of a fisli story omes from Manchester. A number of pntlemen from that village went forth vith rod and line. Eetnrning they were asked where were their trophies, and replied by claiming "that they caught about 30 pounds of bass in the forenoon, and -vhen they took them from the place where they had left them, they were horrifled to flnd that their tails, and aboiit half of the fish, had been eaten, probably by turtles." -The Ypsilanti Commercial reports in attempt to rob the remains of Mrs. Vandorker burried in the M. E. grounds il Stony Creek. The lirst niglit after rarial the grave was watched and it was snpposed there troald be no danger ifterward. A son of the deeeased reaixning from Ypsilanti late at night oet a team and partieson footthatgave rise to suspicioiis. Placing his team in he ham and in company of B neighbor repaired to the burying groundwhere hey diseovered two persons at work at Vira. V.'b grave. The wonld-be robbers lei), dtscharging two revolvers. Mess]-s. Vandorker and Potter found the jrave had been opened and the cover of the onter box had been removed and thrown out on the bank. The serews liad all been removed from the coffiri andfcn the space of live minutes the body would have been removed from the grave. The robbers ran across a whcat fleld emerging therefrom almost cpposite of the residence of Mr. Peter D. Boger, were they enterad the carage ; nd droveawayaa fastaspossiblo. The nci morning tracks were found in the wheat field and around the grave showingthat one of tlie party was barefoót. The conveyance was owned by Mesara, Polhenws & Son of this city who let itta a student, and they refuse to disclose his name.


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