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Stamping By Fire

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Tlie Postotllcfl authorittfls of tliiu city tliink tliey havo arrivod ai n practicnl and thorougli sohition i(' tlia question of prevent iou of sccond uso of' postnue-stmnps, wliich s a fraud ■ tliat luis beon praetiood by wasliingoff thfi ink witli nciils nftcr Li 10 stamping of a first usi. Persons en noi' iuthia cliniiin f of iho (jrovcnimi-nt havo been Tfrjr iii'jreniuus In dcvisiHg muil es of doiiig the uiihiwiul wastting. A now procesa of canccllittiou has been Inventctl. and brought illto uso in tlic L'ostj oflii'e Itere. It is to scorch the stampa. Bpnclmeui of the uew ppoccaj shown by A.8Alstant-Postmntter Plereonhowa vëry effective work agaiust the tVaud ; oí' scoiiihI uso of' thfl Btftmps, the canj celhilion mark absolute] y indel: ï lile. The imprint madfl is lust the samo as tlmt made by tlio ink-stamp, excfiut tbat it is sliïhtly burned or scoivIhkI instead of bcinz nn iuk inipression. The nevr slainp is heated by ;iis, the new metal heini;' thin, to Ulow of both qniek heat in:,' and rapid cooliunf. It is tisod tht! sanie sis an ink stamp but with a saviug of timo tbat will enable tlu; poraotl UsUi!} it to do twico the wiirk tliat an iuk-slainp woukl. It can bo used in all oflicos where gas is burned. An exporïoncod hand with an ink-stamp oaijpela about 125 stampa per minute.


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