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A Time-saving Invention

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Our readers :iro fsiniii vrlth lbo principies of Jlr. Èdisoii's electromotograpli or loud-speuklng tclcphonr'. - Byemploying his sural] electric motor to turn the chalk eylinder the telophone is made auttmiatic. iiisi.ruïmiiLs of this sort have been placel in, and a largo number more are in preparation for tho London Times newspaper oiiico; and the reporters of the paper, say in Parliiiificntj instcad of reading tlicir ehort-hand notea to copyisls, and transtnittiug the long;haiid oopy to the ]rinter,as heretofore, now read them direcily to the telephonc, thus saving the time of co-pying and carrying the i"eport. In tiie printiug office the compositor sits at a type-setting machine, and, as Uie report is delivered to him by the automatio telephone, lie sets the type as one would playa tune upona piano, llaviug no copy to decipher, his wholo ! teu t ion ia given to tho type-sottuig, and a great saving of timéis effected. The indieations aro tliat by ihe use of autographic and automattc telography (iu oonjunction, perhaps, witli stooograpiiic type-writers) reporis of public meetings will soon ha al most inBtantly transmitlcd through long distances and at a fraetiou of the expenso wliiuli sueh work now involves.


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