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Sleeping Together

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Mofe qu ar re Ís oceur bclWtfen brothers, betvreen sisters, betweea hired girls, bet ween elorks in stores, i betwoci) iippreiitices in mechanics' shops, betwoen hired men, botween hus bands and wivcs, owiflg to electrical changos through whieh their ïiorvous system ge by lodging toyeüior nigat at'ler xtighl under tho sanie bed clothes, thun by almost any othcr disturbiug cause. ïliero is uothing that will dcrange the aiervous systeia ot' a persoQ "vvlio is eliminative in nervous forcé, as to lie all nigfat in bed with ano t her person who is absorbent in uervous fores, The absorber will go to sleep, and rest all niglit, while the eliminator will be tumbling and i iosaiug, restless and nervous, and wake j np in ihe moming, iïett'ul and I ish, fault-flnding and discouren!, ïfo two persons, no matter who they are, should nnuirally sleep togetherk One will thrive, the other will lose. Tliis is the luw, a ml in married liia ia' dgütíd almost umversally. A white married woman at Evansville, Ind., was so fascinated by the banjo playiiig of a wandering negro that she elopedwith him. Dr. Richardson, of England, has found uut that the rato oi' mortality amon ; ïninigtere, as compaved with IHiblicans, is as It against 188.


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